Hanging Greenery, Pot Planter Features at Kwinana Marketplace Shopping Centre, Western Australia

Hanging Greenery, Pot Planter Features at Kwinana Marketplace Shopping Centre, Western Australia

Kwinana Marketplace, located in Western Australia, is known as the local hub in the heart of Kwinana, offering a variety of shopping needs and a welcoming environment for the community. 

To enhance the shopping experience, the centre sought to incorporate nature-inspired elements into their space. Hoskins Contracting turned to Evergreen, with our mission of "turning a how into a wow," to create realistic artificial hanging greenery, pot plant installations, and planter box features. The goal was to provide a vibrant and low-maintenance environment for shoppers while adding privacy and nature-inspired divisions to the shopping centre.


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Turning a 'how' into a 'WOW!'

Our Solution

Evergreen collaborated with Hoskins Contracting to deliver on the Kwinana Marketplace greenery design and implement a customised hanging greenery bulkhead feature that encircled the perimeter of the shopping centre. The challenge was to create sprawling foliage that resembled realistic living plants while ensuring low maintenance and long-lasting vibrancy. Our team successfully achieved this by utilising expertise in artificial greenery solutions and providing a biophilic ambiance that appeals to shoppers' need for relaxation while browsing.

Additionally, Evergreen Walls installed a series of lifelike Traveller Palm and Calathea Bush featured pots along the shopping centre thoroughfare, adding visual appeal and natural accents throughout the space. `

To enhance privacy and create nature-inspired divisions, planter box and Hosta Bush and white Calathea bush features were strategically placed around the white padded bench seats, creating a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere for shoppers.

Project Impact

Evergreen Walls' creative installations have made a considerable impact on Kwinana Marketplace Shopping Centre. The addition of the hanging greenery bulkhead feature has given the center a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere, elevating the overall shopping experience for customers. The realistic appearance of the foliage enhances the biophilic benefits, offering a sense of tranquility and relaxation while browsing and shopping.

The pot plant installations have brought touches of nature throughout the thoroughfare, creating visual interest and a warm ambiance. Furthermore, the planter box features surrounding the white padded bench seats not only add a nature-inspired division but also provide privacy for those sitting on the benches, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Overall, Evergreen Walls' expertise and innovative solutions have successfully transformed Kwinana Marketplace Shopping Centre, creating a nature-infused space that aligns with the centre's mission of being a local hub. The low maintenance nature of the installations ensures long-lasting vibrancy without the need for constant upkeep.

Evergreen Walls is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate on this project and looks forward to future partnerships that allow them to continue delivering outstanding results for their clients.

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