Greenery Installation At Mitsubishi's Western Sydney Office

Greenery Installation At Mitsubishi's Western Sydney Office

Project Details

Executive Summary

We jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with interior design/project management company Powerhouse Group. They're well known for creating beautiful spaces that hold the intrinsic values of a company while still maintaining functionality. Powerhouse Group are avid believers of greenery as beneficial to mental health and wellbeing and acknowledge that modern employers recognise this as imperative to creating a "healthy company culture."

The decision to incorporate large amounts of greenery in Mitsubishi's Western Sydney office came as an initiative to represent the Japanese heritage of the company. The company is known for its technological advancement and the combination of sleek industrial themed timber against beautiful and exotic greenery resulted in a perfect depiction of the company's core values.



When we were contacted by Power House Group's interior design team, they were initially concerned about the curved wall they wanted to install our green panels upon. Their was also a door that the panels would have to sit upon and around, but nevertheless our installation team was confident they could overcome these challenges. The project was a success, with our talented team being able to carefully cut the panels to size and shape, fitting them perfectly to the wall. Evergreen Walls loves a challenge and we pride ourselves on our custom installation abilities.


How Evergreen Country Helped

Evergreen Country was the perfect addition to Mitsubishi's workspace. Mitsubishi's interior designer was searching for a budget solution for their client and our Country panels were the ideal fit, maintaining quality and thickness however offering the smaller price tag the client had specified. Our green wall made all the difference to the space, which had been designed using natural timbers, warm light and white interiors. It provided the vibrant pop of colour the space needed to become a more inviting space for clients and employees to feel comfortable in.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

We've worked with Power House Group on previous projects and the satisfaction of their clients is what has kept them coming back to Evergreen Walls for all of their green wall needs. The result of Mitsubishi's fit out is an increasingly modern workspace, with greenery to calm and motivate their employees while softening a clean, industrial appearance. Any visitor entering their reception space is now greeted with welcoming greenery and an impressive feature piece.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Powerhouse Group


Evergreen Country




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