Evergreen Premium in Goldfields Plaza for Hutchinson Builders

Evergreen Premium in Goldfields Plaza for Hutchinson Builders

Project Details

Executive Summary

We worked with Hutchison Builders to install Evergreen Premium into the commercial retail space of Goldfields Plaza in Gympie. The building company had been tasked with revamping the busy shopping centre and required a low-maintenance design solution with maximum effect to really create a lasting visual impact. Due to the highly frequented nature of the space and large levels of foot traffic, Hutchinson Builders required a fire rated material that would ensure compliance with national building standards. Because our Evergreen Premium panels are the only fire-rated of their kind in Australia, the decision to work with us was easy.



During the fit out of our panels in this Gympie shopping centre, we encountered multiple challenges, however none managed to derail our installation efforts. We were required to carry out installations out of hours to avoid disruption or danger to shoppers and this meant our team had to work late into the night after travelling from Sydney to Queensland. Although this was challenging, it did not discourage our installation team and their efficiency and professionalism during the installation remained unwavering.


How Our Products Helped

Our Evergreen Premium allowed our client to install an artificial green wall that comes with minimal maintenance requirements while still pertaining and complying with the Australian Building Codes Board and their National Construction Code guidelines. This is extremely important in such a busy commercial space like a retail shopping centre, where consumers regularly frequent and safety stakes are high.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of our high impact green wall panels in Goldfields Plaza was a refreshed and modern looking shopping centre that suddenly seemed all the more inviting. The revamped space means the centre is now more appealing to vendors and has the potential to attract an increased amount of renting clientele. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Hutchinson Builders and based on their feedback, they were extremely happy with the results.


Hutchinson Builders & Goldfields Plaza


Evergreen Premium




Gympie, Queensland

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