Evergreen Premium in Charles Sturt University's Bathurst Campus

Evergreen Premium in Charles Sturt University's Bathurst Campus

Project Details

Executive Summary

We partnered with DSL Construction and Renovations to install our greenery into a unique feature piece for Charles Sturt University's Bathurst campus. The design brief called for green panels to be embedded upon floating timber installations in an impressive overhead placement, complete with downlights. We recommended using our Evergreen Premium as the frequented nature of the building would require the appropriate fire ratings this panel holds. When it comes to large installations that might be subject to building conformity and certification, Evergreen Premium is always the safest option as it is the only panel of its kind with a Group 2 Fire Rating. For this reason, Evergreen Walls is the most trusted artificial greenery supplier in Australia.



Due to the suspended nature of the wooden panel installation that our greenery was going to be installed upon, we required access equipment and an extremely talented installation team. Luckily we have both. Our project manager was required to collaborate with other contractors, and carry out the works in a timely manner in cooperation with DSL constructions and their detailed timeline. The project was about 3 hours west of Sydney, in Bathurst and therefore entailed slightly more planning efforts than some of our local jobs. None of these challenges proved to be too troublesome and only added to the fun of the job!


How Our Products Helped

We recommended our Evergreen Premium to DSL Constructions and CSU Bathurst because of its unique fire rating that makes it safe and suitable for commercial or highly frequented buildings. This was the perfect solution and provided the pop of greenery that the space needed. The installation project was located in Rafters Bar - an upbeat and social place for students to gather that needs to appropriately provide a vibrant and fun atmosphere. Our greenery is an ideal design piece when it comes to bringing an energetic vibe to a space without adding to pesty maintenance requirements.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The results of the installation was a beautiful and refreshed space for students to relax and unwind in. What was once a bland space is now an exciting area, which is imperative in a university campus where inspiration should be found everywhere, even outside the lecture room. We thoroughly enjoyed working alongside DSL Construction and Renovation and hope to continue working closely with them in the near future.


DSL Construction & Renovation and Charles Sturt University Bathurst


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