Classic Ferns in The Outkast Office

Classic Ferns in The Outkast Office

Project Details

Executive Summary

The Outkast Group are experts in commercial interiors and specialise in new office fit outs and refurbishments so when it came to their own workspace only the best products would suffice. Their George Street office is on the first floor and the nature of their work means that clients are constantly visiting to discuss their own workplace requirements, making it absolutely imperative that the Outkast Group create a beautiful and intriguing place to showcase their talents. Evergreen Walls was called upon to install artificial green panels that would contrast effectively with the existing pink and gold accents adorning the space.



During the fit out of our Classic Ferns green panels, we were required to carry out the works with absolutely minimal disruption to the office as employees were performing their duties as usual. We cut the panels to size prior to arrival and our installation team ensure they kept mess and noise to a minimum, leaving the workspace spotless so that our client would not have known we were even there if it weren't for their incredible new green wall.


How Our Products Helped

Our Classic Ferns added charm and charisma to this client facing office, allowing our client to provide a motivating atmosphere for employees to enjoy and guests to adore. Our Classic Ferns panels create a soft, organic look that paired so perfectly with the plush pink couches and metallic gold lighting installations adding an air of comfort to the space.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of our Classic Ferns installation in the Outkast Group office space was absolutely stunning and meant that clients visiting to discuss their own office spaces were filled with confidence that the company could deliver an incredible space for them too. It's so important for interior and commercial space designers to showcase their talents in order to secure jobs in such a competitive market, and our green panels will ensure that The Outkast Group leave a lasting impression on potential clients visiting their headquarters.


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