Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Installation

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Installation

Project Details

Executive Summary

We installed custom-designed greenery into the treatment centre of the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. The Chris O'Brien Lifehouse mission is to improve the quality of life of cancer patients, through an improved understanding, diagnosis, treatment and cure of the disease. At the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse treatment facility, more than 40,000 patients are seen, screened, diagnosed and treated every year. The work they do is invaluable and tremendous, providing hope for people fighting the biggest battle of their lives. We at Evergreen Walls were honoured to be called upon to install our artificial greenery in a custom-designed installation for the visitors and patients passing through the centre. The project was broken into three parts and included a green wall, installing greenery into pots and then finally adding greenery in tambour units, complete with Tuscan pebbles. 



We were required to complete this installation with minimal interruptions to patients and employees. This involved an out of hours installation on a Saturday morning, which could have proved problematic but with such an adaptable installation team we were able to make it work seamlessly. 


How Our Products Helped

We used our Calathea Bush, Philodendron bush, Monstera bush and Hosta bush to fill our Tambour units. We also installed our Evergreen Premium panels as a green wall on two separate columns which paired perfectly with the timber interiors and green upholstery featured in the treatment centre. 

Our products were able to promote a more ambient and softer environment, which is so important in a place where people undergo life-saving treatments. People living with cancer should be given every opportunity to seek treatment in a calm and positive atmosphere and our plants were able to provide that slight positivity boost to the treatment centre.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Greenery has the potential to improve moods, motivation and productivity so it can be a beneficial addition to any public, private or commercial space. In this particular project the purpose of the space is to improve and save lives, so an uplifting atmosphere is incredibly important. Our greenery will help to boost the morale of employees and hopefully the patients visiting the centre, too. We were incredibly proud to work with such a wonderful organisation and extend our thanks to the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse for all of the meaningful work they do.



Chris O'Brien Lifehouse


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