Bill Buckle Brookvale's Outdoor Plant Wall

Bill Buckle Brookvale's Outdoor Plant Wall

Our help was enlisted by Reitsma Constructions to create an artificial green wall that would beautify the exterior of their street facing workshop. When industrial areas still need to appeal to your public clientele, an artificial green wall is the perfect option and completely viable in terms of maintenance as they require zero water and are UV stable.

The Evergreen Walls team installed the Group 2 fire rated Premium Autumn as an outdoor feature wall for the Bill Buckle Service Centre in Brookvale.


Premium Autumn

Turning a 'how' into a 'WOW!'

Our Solution

We were tasked with enhancing the exterior appearance of a street-facing workshop by installing an artificial green wall. Collectively we decided upon the group 2 fire rated Premium Autumn panel, which perfectly complemented the building's aesthetics while providing an eye-catching contrast to Bill Buckle's red and white branding. With our lifelike artificial greenery, the workshop now boasts an attractive and welcoming appearance.

Project Impact

With precision and efficiency, our skilled installation team completed this project as quickly and efficiently as possible, while constantly maintaining our high standards of quality. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering throughout the process. Our installation services are tailored to accommodate any bespoke specifications, and our certified installation teams stationed nationwide solidify our position as the industry leaders in artificial greenery installations. If you seek to inject vibrancy into your project, contact our team today.

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