Beyond Bank Adelaide's Fresh New Greenery

Beyond Bank Adelaide's Fresh New Greenery

Project Details

Executive Summary

We worked with Pinnacle to help refurb Beyond Bank's Currie Street location in Adelaide. The designers were in need of a decorative solution to help brighten the interior space of the modern, inclusive bank and our artificial greenery was the perfect fit. In this particular project the Evergreen team worked closely with Pinnacle Commercial Interiors to specify the plants we envisioned suiting the project well. Our project manager then organised the logistics of team travel, transportation of products and the installation of the plants into the new office space. We recommended the use of a wide range of plants including our Pothos plant, Hosta bush, Fiddle Leaf tree, Calathea plant and Fern Fish bone which were installed into white planter boxes and looked incredibly effective. 



Our installation team was required to cut foam to size on site as this was a custom installation job. A tight handover deadline also meant we needed to work quickly and efficiently, with all products ready to go on installation day and no room for mess ups. The location took us interstate, however Evergreen Walls loves a challenge so this was no problem at all!


How Our Products Helped

We used a diverse range of plants which helped to provide a variety in height, texture and colour. It also created an organic look that paired extremely well with fresh white and natural timber interiors. Our plants established an elevated space where employees and customers would be happy to spend time collaborating and conversing. We were able to craft this ambient client-facing work space without any increase in maintenance requirements, leaving more room for employees to focus on the important things.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Beyond Bank's Adelaide office is now a much more welcoming space, where customers can feel comfortable and cared for. The effects of greenery in office and shop spaces is huge when it comes to lifting moods and increasing productivity - something all companies and work spaces should aspire to. We've worked on numerous Beyond Bank projects alongside Pinnacle Commercial Interiors and hope to continue this fantastic collaboration. 


Pinnacle Commercial Interiors and Beyond Bank


Pothos Bush 

Hosta Bush

Fiddle Leaf Tree 





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