Unique Green Wall Elevates Residential Renovation

Unique Green Wall Elevates Residential Renovation

Our client needed a customised solution to complete their multi-unit conversion in Botany. The project consisted of 4 beautiful units, finished with immaculate detail, including a multi-story 'light-well' as a striking piece in the centre of each new home. The developer originally lined the light-well's with real plants...this is when problems arose. The plants soon wilted due to lack of light and nutrients - a common issue with real-life green walls and indoor plants. To solve this problem the client approached Evergreen Walls. They collaborated with our talented team to create a life-like green wall that complimented the clean lines and stunning finish to each build. The solution not only looked impressive but reduced any ongoing maintenance to an absolute minimum, looking naturally-fresh all year round and for years to come.


The 'light-well' proved a problematic environment to keep real plants alive in - During winter months they receive little sunlight and can be quite cold. The summer months brought excessive amounts of sun at the top causing wilting, whilst the bottom of the green wall turned brown. After failed attempts to grow plants, our client decided it was time for a low maintenance solution with maximum impact. An artificial green wall was the only viable solution and one which could provide all the beauty of a real vertical garden without adding the hefty task of ongoing maintenance and problematic irrigation systems.


Coastal CrimsonBlossom Bush, Lavender Bush

Turning a 'how' into a 'WOW!'

Our Solution

Evergreen Coastal allowed our clients to overcome the problems that arise with real indoor plants. Like all of our panel products, Evergreen Coastal is UV-safe and proved to be the perfect canvas for the client to add additional splashes of colour with extra stems - creating truly unique vertical garden walls.

Project Impact

The owner-developer was extremely pleased in the collaboration with Evergreen and the natural-looking feature-pieces in each of the homes. So much so, they decided to live in one of the finished units, rent-out several of them for passive income and sell the remaining homes. Our life-like green walls enabled the owner to commence property-viewings ASAP, attracting tenants and buyers to speed up the sales and rental process. We look forward to working together on their next creative venture.

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