Artificial Greenery Installation at Real Peas For Pinnacle PM

Artificial Greenery Installation at Real Peas For Pinnacle PM

Project Details

Executive Summary

Real Peas at North Sydney is a fast paced whole foods cafe that specialises in fast and fresh meals paired with locally roasted coffee. It is located in the busy North Sydney retail/corporate precinct and offers catering services to many of the bustling office buildings in its surroundings. 

To compliment its 'fresh food' branding and create a lasting impact at their store opening, they called in Evergreen Walls to provide a complete greenery design solution and installation. For maximum effect, both parties agreed that a vibrant and lush green canopy would be the best solution and our installation team set about carefully installing a selection of our hanging vines and bushes to create an organic, overgrowing look. The result was an indoor jungle that enticed passers by into the store and accentuated their branding perfectly.



This particular project required access equipment as the greenery was hung from the roof. Many of our jobs require access equipment which is no problem at all and we can easily source this equipment with no hassle to our clients. As Real Peas is located in a busy retail precinct, our works had to be completed out of hours and while this can be challenging, it is certainly possible and quite common for our installation team.


How Our Products Helped

Our hanging vines and bushes allowed us to create an abundant, overhead green canopy and helped Real Peas to utilise the space they had without having to install planter boxes and pot plants that can take up precious space. We used a variety of plants to ensure we achieved the most organic look possible and these included our English Ivy Garland, Wandering Jew Bush, Philodendron Hanging Bush and the Fern Jewel Hanging Bush. All of our plants require zero maintenance and that's alway a huge bonus in the hospitality sector where cleaning and house keeping duties are already time consuming.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of our greenery installation at Real Peas in North Sydney was a store front that upheld continuity in its branding and did a fantastic job at attracting customers and passers by to come in and take a better look. A beautiful and enticing shop front has the ability to boost brand awareness astronomically and keeps businesses at the forefront of customers minds, which is imperative for success in the competitive hospitality market. We're so glad we could help Real Peas achieve their vision at their new North Sydney store and we're extremely grateful to Pinnacle PM for enlisting our help on yet another rewarding fit out. 


Pinnacle PM & Real Peas


English Ivy Garland

Philodendron Hanging Bush

Fern Jewel Hanging Bush




North Sydney 

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