Three Useful Tips for Making Your Kitchen Splashback Special

Three Useful Tips for Making Your Kitchen Splashback Special

Jul 02, 2024Evergreen Walls

The kitchen is often the hub of your home. It is a place to gather as a family for meal or with friends for drinks and cheese platters, an important space that needs to reflect you and the personality of your home. 

Your kitchen deserves as much love and attention as any other part of the house, and one way you can do this is by installing a beautiful and innovative kitchen splashback.

In this blog, we will highlight three tips for how you can make your kitchen splashback stand out against the crowd.


1. Use Windows

External Green Wall Kitchen Splash backjpgkitchen_

It used to be that the only option for your kitchen splashback was tiles or other walling fixtures. However, in the last few decades, this has changed. Nowadays, the best kitchen splashbacks you can install are windows giving you a view into the outside. 

The contrast between a bright and colourful garden against a sleek and modern kitchen helps to introduce natural light, create the illusion of additional space, and make the cooking experience more comfortable.


2. Create a Tight Frame Around Your Splashback

kitchen splash back 02evergreenwalls coastal vertical wall kitchen backsplashLike a picture, giving your splashback a frame can help it stand out as the centrepiece of its location. By utilising appliances, cupboards, and counter space, you can create a powerful difference between the rest of your kitchen and the splashback.


3. Utilise Greenery Outside Your Kitchen Splashback

kitchen window1080 kitchen

Nothing creates a more lively look to a home than greenery. Contrasting bright, textured, beautiful greens with your kitchen countertops establishes a sense of homeliness and comfort that‚ is otherwise difficult to replicate.

The primary disadvantage to this is the need to care for the greenery outside of your kitchen. Especially since you may want to keep the plants close by to the window for maximum effect, your foliage may start browning quickly. There is a solution to this, however; artificial greenery.
With artificial greenery, you won’t need to perform maintenance every day to keep your splashback’s lush and vibrant colour and texture. At Evergreen Walls, we offer a number of artificial greenery options, including our Premium Green Wall Range featuring dramatic like-life green foliage.


Kitchen splashbacks have come a long way since the day of tiles and wall patterns. Today you can make your kitchen into an evocative, vibrant, and exciting space for you, your friends, and your family. Whether you want to transform your kitchen into the social space it has the potential to be or simply create a more comfortable space for preparing dinner, windowed splashbacks displaying a vibrant garden on the other side are the answer.

Evergreen Walls has precisely what you need in artificial greenery to help bring nature into your kitchen design. If you have any questions, we'd be happy to help!


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