The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Vertical Gardens: Answered!

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Vertical Gardens: Answered!

Mar 25, 2024Ashleigh Lieberman

Vertical gardens are a rapidly growing trend in the interior design and construction industry, revered for their ability to totally overhaul the look of a space without any structural changes. Those who are looking for a low-maintenance and affordable alternative often turn to an artificial vertical garden, however many questions repeatedly arise and we’re highly experienced in answering them.


Can you tell the difference between artificial vertical gardens and real ones?

This is probably one of the most common questions we’ve encountered from potential customers and the answer is varied. If you’re a horticulturist then you will probably instantly spot the difference, however to the average eye an artificial vertical garden can be indistinguishable from the real deal. Artificial plants have come a long way in the past few years, with new techniques of manufacturing and high attention paid to the textures, finishes and anatomical details of plants. If you opt for one of our premium green panels, some would only be able to tell the difference by actually touching the wall.

Are artificial vertical gardens actually cheaper than a real vertical garden set-up?

Yes they are, from set-up and throughout their entire lifespan! Real vertical gardens cost almost double to set up than artificial vertical gardens do due to the requirement of real greenery for consistent water and the right amount of light. They require irrigation systems that can be quite pricey, and also need UV lighting to keep the plants alive. Even after the initial set-up, real vertical garden walls will continue to cost money through water and electricity bills and additional maintenance if professional advice is needed. Artificial green wall’s don’t require any further maintenance costs and installation often only takes a few hours, making them the most economic and efficient option.

Are artificial vertical gardens suitable for outdoors?

Not all artificial vertical gardens are created equally so the answer is some are suitable for outdoors whilst others should only be installed indoors. We at Evergreen Walls have many UV treated green panels, with majority of our ranges being 100% suitable for outdoor installation. These include our Coastal, Country, Urban and Classic ranges and of course our Premium range. If in the case an artificial garden wall is used outside without UV treatment, it will fade and the greenery will change colour over time, requiring replacement. In order to avoid these problems, make sure you check the suitability of a green wall prior to purchasing.

Are vertical gardens difficult to install?

Artificial vertical garden walls vary in installation difficulty according to brand. Some are more complicated than others but our green panel systems at Evergreen Walls are simplified for easy self-installation that even the most novice DIYers can complete. Installation guides are included on our website and help is always available from our friendly customer service team who are just a phone call away. For larger projects or anyone lacking the confidence to carry out their own installation, we recommend getting in touch and our sales team will happily provide a quote for installation costs.

What is the lifespan of an artificial vertical garden?

A minimum 4 years warranty is placed on all green panels at Evergreen Walls, however if taken care of and installed out of harm’s way, you can expect your vertical garden wall to last much longer. Unlike real vertical gardens, you don’t need to worry about plants dying and naturally falling out. Artificial greenery can last many years if dusted lightly every so often and kept out of the way of little ones who might be tempted to pick at the leaves. Obviously green walls that are installed outdoors and in high foot-traffic areas might be more exposed to damage, however our 4 year warranty exists to ensure value and customer satisfaction.

What are the maintenance requirements of an artificial vertical garden?

The regular maintenance requirements of an artificial vertical garden wall are virtually non-existent apart from the occasional requirement of a light dusting with a damp cloth to remove any settled dust and dirt. This will keep your green wall looking fresh and vibrant and is all that’s needed to maintain their quality.

Can vertical garden walls be customised?

Yes, they can definitely be customised if purchased from Evergreen Walls! We have a unique system where you can select your base panel and then add style packs to create a unique and organic look that appeals to you. In our style packs we include various stems of different plant varieties from colourful flowers to beautiful blossoms and voluminous bushes. Our style packs also make it possible to change the appearance of your vertical garden whenever you desire, simply moving the stems and bushes around to create a brand new look or even purchasing a different style pack when the time comes for a shake-up.

Why should I consider buying an artificial vertical garden over a real vertical garden wall?

Well apart from the obvious economic benefits, the savings in time quickly add up. If you’re considering installation in an office space, the responsibility of a real vertical garden wall would need to be delegated to a team member and that means extra workload for them. The additional time taken in installation, maintenance concerns and rectifying any issues that arise with growing real greenery inside an office are issues that any workplace is more proficient without. Artificial greenery is the smarter choice for any space, saving you money, time and stress.

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