The Comparison - Artificial vs Living

The Comparison - Artificial vs Living

Mar 25, 2024Evergreen Walls

Nothing compares to living plants in the natural world, however, we do know it can be challenging for plants to thrive in unconventional environments. They need nutrients from the ground, sun and rain, when that natural process is interrupted it‚Äôs difficult for plants to thrive, making it a costly exercise. 

Living Green Walls need approximately 25kgs of steel framing per mwhich requires 47.5kgs of CO2 to produce. They need 5kgs of plastic pots per m2 (+30kgs of C02), 2kgs of plastic piping for irrigation per m2 (12kgs of C02), and 10kgs of soil per m2 including 20+ plants. In order to keep plants healthy you must fertilise and water regularly and provide adequate sunlight every day. Often resulting in the installation of UV lights. 

Our Artificial Green Walls are made from plastic, however, do not require irrigation piping, pots, or bulky steel framing. They have no harmful chemicals  ‚Ä¢No Mercury ‚Ä¢No Polybrominated Biphenyls ‚Ä¢No Polybrominated Diphenyether ‚Ä¢No Hexavalent Chromium ‚Ä¢No Cadmium ‚Ä¢No Lead and are 100% recyclable. Our Premium Green Walls also have a Group 2 Fire Rating meaning they are non-combustable and can be used internationally. No other Artificial Greenery product on the market in Australia has this certification.


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