Multhana Property Services - Queensland Artificial Greenery Exterior Project

Multhana Property Services - Queensland Artificial Greenery Exterior Project

Jan 01, 2024Evergreen Walls

Multhana Property Services is an Indigenous-owned property services company certified by Supply Nation. They specialise in providing commercial cleaning and property services throughout South East Queensland, offering sustainable economic outcomes for First Nations people through employment and training opportunities.

Evergreen Walls partnered with Multhana for a commercial property exterior green wall installation project. Our collaboration aimed to promote work-integrated learning, create employment opportunities, and foster meaningful connections.


Turning a '"How" into a "WOW"

Our Solution

By utilising our Evergreen Premium UV-protected, fire-safe green wall panels on the building's exterior, the skilled Multhana installers have transformed the basic exterior into a striking feature. The result is a breathtaking display of nature-inspired beauty that seamlessly blends with the surrounding environment.

“We are honoured to be able to support and further their mission.”

- Richard Woods, Director, Evergreen Walls


Economic and Social Impact

To support training and empowerment, we provided our team with installation guidelines and detailed spec sheets.

Our partnership with Multhana contributes directly to reconciliation efforts and Indigenous employment outcomes across Queensland, demonstrating our commitment to social progress and community involvement.



The project successfully achieved its objectives of establishing a strong partnership between both brands.

The integration of Evergreen Walls' designed greenery, expertly installed by Multhana, has elevated the commercial environment, creating an inviting and nature-inspired ambiance for employees and visitors alike.

By choosing Multhana for your commercial property services, you actively contribute to reconciliation efforts and support Indigenous employment outcomes throughout Queensland.

Evergreen Premium Green Wall Panels (UV)


Services & Resources Used

  • Greenery Supply - Evergreen Walls
  • Project Management - Evergreen Walls
  • Installation - Multhana Property Services

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