How To Improve Your Home Or Office Space With Minimalism

How To Improve Your Home Or Office Space With Minimalism

Mar 25, 2024Ashleigh Lieberman

Minimalism has been touted time and time again for not only it’s incredibly pleasing aesthetic appeal, but also the health benefits that come from a clutter-free space, especially for the mind.

Research shows the link between clutter and mental disorders like anxiety, depression and general stress, proving we could all do with a little organisation and minimalism in our lives, starting with our homes and workplaces.

Read on to discover the most powerful ways to bring minimalism into your home.


Neutral colours

One of the main elements of minimalism is neutrality, in everything from carpet and flooring colours to walls. Obviously white walls are the best option and act as a blank canvas from which your decorative elements can have maximum impact, even if they’re neutral coloured themselves. White walls can give the illusion of a larger, more open space and that’s a welcome change in any home or office.

When choosing furniture, go for neutral colourings and natural compositions. You can’t go wrong with timbers and marble for surfaces and chocolates and cream for upholstery. From neutral bases, you’ll bring calm and clarity into your home.


Utilise storage with baskets and containers: kitchen, wardrobes, bathroom drawers

Cupboards, wardrobes and drawers can become cluttered very quickly and the best way to keep some sort of order is to utilise baskets, dividers and containers within your storage fixtures. Wardrobes are better used when organised to their fullest potential and the best way to do so is with easily labelled, accessible tubs. Store these in any shelf areas where bags, shoes and accessories are normally kept and label them clearly so that they’re kept neat and organised. Do the same for bathroom drawers, kitchen cupboards, pantries and the fridge. Making sure these areas are organised will make tidying up easier and prevent clutter spilling into common areas.


Use vacuum sealed bags to store away unnecessary clothes and Manchester

Minimalism relies heavily on organisation, sufficient storage space and minimal possessions. Bringing minimalism into your home or workspace means clearing out what isn’t used or no longer needed to make space for anything new. Clothes are often required seasonally unless travel is frequent, which means that your thick knit jumpers are taking up way too much room when sitting dormant in your wardrobe in the middle of summer. Cue, the vacuum sealed bag. These are the perfect space savers and can be used for all clothes and Manchester, reducing the space they take up in your wardrobes and Manchester cupboards. Marie Kondo is a big fan and so are we.


Decorate with natural elements, greenery and textures

In minimalism, there’s no place for extravagant art pieces, statues or an array of decorative pieces that overload the senses. Minimalism is all about quality rather than quantity, so the beauty of your space stands out, rather than getting lost in a jungle of ornaments. Minimalism also means using natural elements in your home and so greenery proves to be the most minimalist-friendly decorative solution there is. Use tall, statement trees and plants with fanning, deep green leaves to really create maximum effect and house them in stone pots for a variation in texture. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance solution, artificial greenery and plants are the ideal option.

Throws and cushions are the perfect addition to neutral furnishings and wall hangings can bring some diversity to your minimalistic space.


Have a designated place for everything

 As mentioned earlier, organisation is key to a clear and clutter-free space. Creating designated places for everything, from books to different categories of children‚Äôs toys, to craft supplies and beauty products, this ensures your home or office is easily kept tidy. Designating a place for everything in your home also allows you to easily judge what can be disposed of, hence making it easier to keep only what you need and rid yourself of junk. You‚Äôll be surprised how much difference this tactic makes to your mental health, with no random bits and pieces hindering your cleaning efforts. It also makes everyday tasks quicker, with no time wastage while searching for things.


Let nature light up your space

One intersecting similarity between minimalism and Biophilic design is natural light. Utilising natural light as much as possible involves giving plenty of thought to the curtains and blinds you choose. Natural light is much more comfortable for our eyes to view and brings a calmer, happier ambience into any home or workplace. Not to mention, it will allow you to save money on electricity bills and help your plants thrive (if they‚Äôre the live kind). Want to make the most of well lit areas? An artificial green wall can help to amplify natural light by reflecting and projecting it to all corners of a room. 

Minimalism is amazing for a range of reasons. It has incredible benefits for our mental health, productivity, happiness and time management. But best of all, it can revamp your workplace or home, with the mere investment in some quality storage solutions, timeless and neutral furnishings and of course, beautiful greenery.

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