Eight Ways To Overhaul Your Home's Aesthetic Using Only Greenery

Eight Ways To Overhaul Your Home's Aesthetic Using Only Greenery

Mar 25, 2024Ashleigh Lieberman

We all know and love the Instagram stylists overflowing our feeds, with their perfect Hamptons-esque and airy homes. And I think most of us would be lying if we said we didn’t long for such dreamy spaces ourselves, with the mere barrier of money stopping us from achieving our own serene havens.


We believe a beautiful and enjoyable home should be achievable for everyone, without the need for expensive renovations and pricey furnishings. So we’ve compiled a list of our favourite DIY greenery features that have the magic ability to transform your home without breaking the bank. Read on to discover how you can refresh your space using only greenery - affordable and easy!


                           Image Source: Ali Jacks @home_and_things

  1. Utilise hanging greenery in small spaces like bathrooms and laundries
    There are two conflicting issues when it comes to small spaces; you don’t want to spend large amounts of money overhauling them however, you do want them to look beautiful and integrate with the rest of your home’s theme. One way to breathe new life into the small nooks of your house is with climbing greenery and hanging plants. Where a space might be too small for a full-sized plant, hanging greenery can provide maximum impact with a small claim of space, leaving more room for storage, and avoiding the feeling of clutter. Hanging baskets and plants that tend to climb (or artificially designed ones) provide a much-needed pop of colour in a sometimes dreary space and draw the attention away from storage solutions - an added bonus!


                           Image Source: Ali Jacks @home_and_things
  1. Use Towering & Luxurious Feature Plants In Living Rooms and Entertaining Areas
    There’s a good reason why fiddle-leaf figs have taken off in popularity, and it’s all due to their towering stature and large, wild-looking leaves. As described by Daniel Kanter of Manhattan Nest, Fiddle Leaf Figs ‘read as a statement plant’. This makes them absolutely perfect for spicing up your living room or adding some fun to any indoor entertaining area. If you’re somehow not quite charmed by the Fiddle-Leaf, never fear! You can use any tall, tropical, and large-leafed plant as your common-living space feature piece. Ali Jacks from @home_and_things has used an aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical Rubber Leaf Plant to add height and dimension to her living room, pairing it perfectly with neutral tones and natural materials.


                           Image Source: Ali Jacks @home_and_things
  1. Use a diverse range of plants to create an organic and serene atmosphere
    The use of indoor plants can often look overly manicured if they lack character and diversity, so mix it up and create an indoor oasis with a range of plant species in different shapes and sizes. Artificial options are a perfectly viable solution if you’re unwilling to maintain ten different house plants and water them regularly.
    If you’re unwilling to maintain ten different house plants and water them regularly, artificial options are a perfectly viable solution. When plant shopping, be on the lookout for different textures, heights and colours, and group contrasting species together to highlight unique characteristics. Various pots and hanging bowls can add extra diversity and conjure the feeling of an indoor jungle - the perfect atmosphere for a calming reading room!


                           Image Source: Ali Jacks @home_and_things
  1. Source unique greenery products
    Sure, all greenery packs a punch in terms of interior styling. But the real gold nuggets are the unique products that incorporate greenery AND have a distinctive element that makes them slightly more exclusive than the humble (but incredibly useful) houseplant. We are yet to discover many of these rare styling solutions, so we decided to design one ourselves. Meet the Evergreen Disc - the greenery you didn’t know your home was missing until you saw Ali Jacks style it on Instagram! The Evergreen Disc comes in five styles of greenery to cater to all homes and themes. They’re easily hangable and can be relocated anywhere in your home in a matter of minutes - the perfect home DIY product.


                           Image Source: Ali Jacks @home_and_things
  1. Offset Greenery Against Natural Tones
    Greenery is one of the most effective ways of incorporating nature into your home and pairing it with other natural elements such as marble or timber, works to highlight and compliment its natural beauty. Keeping the surrounding tones neutral means you’re allowing the plant to do the talking and not taking away from its striking vibrance while adding some excitement to marble benchtops or timber tables. We fill our homes with mismatched upholstery, which makes them beautiful and unique, so neutral pots can be the perfect understated accompaniment. For maximum effect, position plants in the most neutrally toned places of your home like next to cane furniture and stone benches.home_and_things_73233592_1271375783023675_2398079878839925124_n
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  1. Use pots made of natural fibres and materials
    As mentioned above, other elements of nature pair well with greenery and allow your plants to stand out. This is incredibly true when utilising pots and baskets to house your plants, adding textural diversity without overcrowding colours and patterns.  Cane, bamboo, and woven baskets add a tropical vibe to your home and do well at matching all themes of upholstery, furnishings, and carpets. They induce memories of rainforests and beaches with sandy, driftwood tones, setting a tranquil and calming atmosphere for your home. A bonus is that they don‚Äôt quickly age and become outdated, like some art deco or vibrantly coloured pots usually do.

    Image Source: Evergreen Walls
  1. Green Walls in Unique Places
    We’ve installed thousands of green walls despite their home DIY friendliness. We’ve seen them installed behind glass kitchen splashbacks and surrounding screens in movie rooms, and we know the bang they provide for your buck. An artificial green wall is the perfect project for a home DIY overhaul and can completely transform a tired-looking area or room into an urban oasis. They look incredibly effective when paired with polished timber and installed in a light and airy space especially spaces made for entertaining. Green walls are a fantastic alternative if you’re not quite blessed with a green thumb, and you’re looking to incorporate a large amount of greenery without the effort of caring for multiple plants.

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                           Image Source: Ali Jacks @home_and_things
  1. Freshen Up Bathrooms With Lively Greenery
    Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to interior decorating, but a sure and easy way to keep them looking fresh and clean is with vibrant greenery. A towering tropical plant always looks right at home against white tiles and fluffy grey towels. Offset your greenery against a recycled rustic timber stool and add some hanging greenery in a planter bowl for maximum effect.
    Keep in mind the bathroom is a very humid place, and without proper ventilation, many plants cannot survive the moisture and warmth in the air. If you’re unsure about what plants might survive and thrive in your bathroom, stick to an artificial alternative. We have a wide range of artificial plants that are almost entirely indistinguishable from their real counterparts. View them here.


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