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Our vertical garden walls can be customised and tailored to fit any size of lobby, common property area – such as poolsides, or gyms, and are also used to cover waste room areas and unsightly infrastructure. 

Knight Frank - Sydney Offices

Overcome indoor pest problems with Evergreen faux-foliage

Insect infestations are incredibly common with real indoor plants. Evergreen's faux-foliage solved this issue for iconic real-estate specialists - Knight Frank. Our products providing all the beauty of nature without the ongoing up-keep and messy watering.

  • Natural aesthetic appeal of real greenery without the hassle
  • Return on investment with no ongoing costs
  • Fire-rated and UV safe

Waller Corp Constructions

Fine-art from delicately preserved plant-life

Construction company Waller Corp commissioned Evergreen to fit a unique feature into their  reception space to ensure a strong first impression with clientele. Our 'Evergreen Moss' is a carefully preserved Scandinavian reindeer moss, which created the perfect decorative product and a striking, framed green-wall.

  • Ideal for residential and corporate settings
  • Customisable for a unique feature on any building or exterior facade
  • Enquire below for a free sample

Taylor Constructions

Instant greenery to attract investors

New developments, like Haven Apartments can struggle to attract investors without established plant-life to provide that highly-sought natural beauty. Evergreen solves this problem, our life-like vines and bushes enabled the developer to begin sales immediately and with confidence.

  • Improve property's appeal with no ongoing maintenance
  • Instant results rather than waiting years for greenery to grow
  • UV safe - perfect for outdoor use


Easy to Clean

Clean regularly with a damp cloth or for larger features we offer maintenance call outs to keep your greenery looking brand new.

Zero Maintenance

Once installed, there is no need for additional power for lights, irrigation systems or call out fees to maintenance. 

Multi Site Solutions

We can install greenery nationwide as well as globally. We have trained installation crews in each state as well as the UK & USA.


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