Cable Tension Wire Trellis Kit

Evergreen Walls now supplies innovative cable systems that bring greenery to life. These systems provide the essential framework for any climbing plant or creeper and are a perfect fit for many of our own UV-stable outdoor vines or hanging plants.

Stainless Steel Trellis Kit For Climbing Plants. This garden trellis fence is perfect for screening and doubles as a decorative garden feature or a plant trainer. This cable system blends well into any outdoor décor and can be used for real or artificial vines. Easy to install, simply choose your layout and attach the fixing points as you please
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Price starts at $25 per linear meter. Bundle these with our artificial vines for even more savings!

Cable Tension Wire Trellis Kit

Evergreen Walls now supply innovative cable systems and products that bring greenery to life.

If you require a scope of works, or have existing drawings/elevations, you can get in touch directly for a consultation via

Inclined Layout

Grid Layout

Random Layout

Vertical Layout

Diagonal Layout

Composition Options

Evergreen Walls specialises in custom greenery fitouts and will help you navigate through the planning of your new cable trellis green wall. 

Green Wall trellis structures can be attached to almost any surface, such as wood, metal, brick, stone, masonry or metal. The most important factor to consider when selecting a location is that the area is strong enough to take the weight of the system and also the greenery which will cover it.

Evergreen Cable Systems can be custom designed however you like.

Cable Trellis Vertical Layout

Cable Trellis Vertical Layout

Cable Trellis Ceiling Feature

Evergreen Cable Diagonal Layout

Tension Wire Criss Cross Layout

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