Greenery Installation For National Projects

Greenery Installation For National Projects

Project Details

Executive Summary

This particular job was a newly designed office fit out that required our artificial greenery to add the finishing touch. We liaised with National Projects and their designers to help bring their vision to life. It included the installation of our artificial plants into a hot desk with pre-cut holes which we filled with a combination of baby tears bushes and grass bushes. This unique element complimented the city skyline views that are visible from the office and elevated the atmosphere to create an ultra-motivating work space for employees and visitors alike. The team at National Projects are renowned for their sleek and modern design concepts and they know the ultimate finishing touch to any commercial project is the charm of greenery. When incorporating greenery into office spaces its absolutely imperative that maintenance requirements are assessed, to determine if the upkeep of real greenery is feasible in each individual space and if not, the answer is artificial greenery!



As the holes in the hot desk were pre-cut it was our responsibility to source pots that would fill the holes perfectly and still fit our selection of plants. Evergreen Walls are Australia's leading greenery experts, so finding appropriate materials was not overly complicated and our sales team were able to find the perfect solution.


How Our Products Helped

We installed a variety of different plants in planter boxes, elevated pots and into the hot desk fit-out. Our plants helped to add colour and vibrancy to this fresh new corporate space which can often be difficult to achieve within a reasonable budget. Now our clients can enjoy an elevated workplace without the added maintenance costs of real greenery. We suggested a wide variety of unique plants to cater to all the different areas in this office space, including our eye catching Zanzibar Gem plant as a stand-alone feature piece and our medium-sized bushes to compliment a coloured feature wall.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of our greenery installation for National Projects was a stunning finished space where clients and employees can undertake meaningful work surrounded by uplifting greenery. The effects of greenery and Biophilia in office spaces has been repeatedly championed for its abilities to increase productivity and employee happiness. An investment into office greenery can impact employees beyond measure, creating a positive space where they enjoy carrying out their day-to-day tasks.



National Projects


Zanzibar Gem

Rubber Leaf Plant

Grass Bush Mixed Green

Baby Tears Bush





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