Cosentino Site Installation At Sydney HQ

Cosentino Site Installation At Sydney HQ

Project Details

Executive Summary

We installed our artificial greenery into the Sydney office of Cosentino Group, beautifying the entrance into the office space with our range of stunning plants and trees. Cosentino Group is a Spanish, family owned company pioneering architectural and design-centric surfaces for all types of purposes with beauty and function at the forefront.

With their centralised market of architect and design professionals, it is absolutely essential to the success of their business that Cosentino puts forward a perfect impression with an alluring and charming office space.

To continue the theme of sleek and modern beauty throughout the space, we installed our planter boxes with our birds of paradise plants, palms and grass bushes. We also installed a side walk feature with an arrangement of our succulents in dark red and pale green.



This project was relatively straightforward, however did require the installation of our plants in four different areas. We were also well aware that the Cosentino Group is revered in the architecture and design industry so the pressure was on for our installation team to produce a beautiful plant feature in the different areas they were installing in. As usual, our team produced a high quality project and everything ran smoothly.


How Our Products Helped

Our products managed to bring an element of nature into the Cosentino Sydney office without the additional maintenance requirements that often come with real plants and greenery. Our plants also brought some much needed colour into the space, without the risk of potentially conflicting artwork. Some clients turn to greenery and plants as an alternative to colourful art pieces as they want to avoid adding design pieces that have the prospect of becoming dated or tiresome to look at.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of our plant installation in the Cosentino office was a brightened atmosphere with a memorable entrance feature that enhances the clients experience every time they visit the office. The ability of a space to impress clients in the design industry is absolutely priceless and imperative to the success of a business operating within the architecture and design sector.


Cosentino Group


Palm Pheonix

Grass Bush Mixed Green

Succulent Dark Red

Succulent Pale Green





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