Classic Ivy Green Wall For Betacon Projects

Classic Ivy Green Wall For Betacon Projects

Project Details

Executive Summary

We installed our Classic Ivy green panels into the La Sen Vietnamese restaurant in collaboration with Betacon Projects. The Randwick based restaurant is renowned for its fresh and healthy meals and the bubbly atmosphere created by the restaurants staff, and their new fit out needed to reflect this. 

Our Classic Mint green panels are synonymous with fresh, with their dark green leaves and thick, full coverage. They paired perfectly with the existing timber, exposed brick and vibrant lighting, creating an inviting space for guests to have memorable meals with their friends and family. 

Restaurants rely so heavily on an enjoyable atmosphere, because most patrons will rate and remember a venue based on the quality and value of the food coupled with the mood it sets. La Sen Vietnamese Restaurant recognised this and that's why they employed the help of construction experts, Betacon Projects.



As with any project, there's always the logistical question of when the most appropriate time for installation might be. It's important to carry out the installation with minimal interruptions to staff and customers, especially in a space that depends on a relaxing atmosphere for an enjoyable experience. We were able to accomodate an appropriate time for installation, carrying out the works in a timely manner during the restaurants designated closure time.


How Our Products Helped

Nothing screams fresh and healthy the way our Classic Mint green panels do. We were able to brighten this restaurants atmosphere, which relies largely on artificial light, with the installation of our greenery. The greenery sits opposite a LED lighting feature and does a fantastic job at reflecting and projecting this light to all corners of the room. It also compliments well with the pendant lights hanging throughout the space. Artificial green panels can be one of the most effective, affordable and fast ways to bring colour and excitement to a space, without the future concerns of maintenance issues. 


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of our greenery installation was a fuss-free vertical garden wall that has all the charm of real greenery with none of the maintenance hassles. Often the success of a restaurant lies within three components; the food, the service and the aesthetic appeal of the space. So its absolutely imperative that time and attention is invested into the design aspect of any commercial entertaining space. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Betacon Group on this particular project and hope to work together again in the near future.


Betacon Group and La Sen Vietnamese Restaurant


Classic Ivy





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