Chimmi Changas Hanging Greenery

Chimmi Changas Hanging Greenery

Chimmi Changas was looking for greenery to revamp their restaurant and provide customers an enjoyable space to relax and socialise. Their existing outdoor area was very bland and didn't make for a great entertaining area, which is so incredibly important for restaurants and eateries to include in their offerings. With the addition of our hanging vines, baskets and some fresh and colourful paint, we were able to increase the vibrancy of the space exponentially, resulting in an electric atmosphere to match the venues upbeat branding. 

The client was a busy restaurant and required installation during quiet hours when access equipment could easily be used without disruption to regular service. Although challenging, this did not prove to be problematic as our installation team are extremely experienced with out of hours installations.

Products: English Ivy Garland, Boston Fern Hanging Bush


Turning a 'how' into a 'WOW!'

Our Solution

We used a variety of hanging vines and baskets including our English Ivy Garland, Chain Of Hearts Hanging Bush, Ivy English Hanging Bush, Fern Boston Bush and the Wandering Jew Hanging Bush. They worked extremely well to create an organic overhead green canopy and completely transform the space into one where patrons would happily spend time with family and friends, returning not only for the fantastic food but also for the happy and uplifting atmosphere.

Project Impact

The return on investment of a beautified restaurant space is huge, driving patrons and dollars to your restaurant in more ways than one. An aesthetically pleasing restaurant encourages return customers who've previously enjoyed the atmosphere, it has the ability to attract more patrons through your social media channel (and theirs) and it solidifies and distinguishes your branding from other restaurants and competitors. These are all crucial elements to a successful business and are so easily achieved through beautifying your space. And artificial greenery could be the easiest way to achieve this!

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