New Product: Urban Rainforest

New Product: Urban Rainforest

Mar 25, 2024Evergreen Walls

The Urban Rainforest draws its charm from the Australian rainforests. Complete with Pothos, Hanging Ferns, Monsteras, and Calatheas - it's sure to make a bold and luscious statement for years to come.

Urban Rainforest

urban rainforest 100x100

The Artificial Green Wall Panel is 1000mm X 1000mm (m¬≤)

Fire Rating: Fire retardant, but not rated

Weight: Approx. 4kg

Front: UV Treated, fire-safe Urban Autumn

Backing: Flexible plastic grid

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor use only

Warranty: 4 years

Installation: Snap-lock system, fixed directly to the wall

Recyclable: Yes, made from low-density UV stabilised polyethylene LDPE

The Rainforest Style includes a Ferns Hanging Bush, Monstera Bush, Burgundy Calathea Bush, and Ferns Ruffle Bush to be inserted into the green wall as desired, for a truly unique look.



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