The World’s Most Impressive Office Spaces And Their One Commonality

The World’s Most Impressive Office Spaces And Their One Commonality

Mar 25, 2024Ashleigh Lieberman

An inspiring workplace can be the cornerstone of employee happiness and correlates directly with the success of a company. It’s common knowledge among employers that investing back into their team members is one of the most effective ways to ensure work satisfaction and naturally encourage a heightened quality of work. Pair this knowledge with high growth in multinational companies and what do you get? An extremely impressive workplace where some of the world’s highest talents in the corporate world spend their working days fuelling the success of ultra-innovative companies. We’ve compiled our list of some of the world’s most impressive office spaces and they’ve all got one thing in common; lots of greenery.

google coloradoPhoto via Bloomberg

Google - Colorado

Web giant Google is synonymous with success, power and innovation and they certainly know how to spoil their employees.

The reception space of their Colorado campus is stunningly outfitted in natural timbers and greenery, giving the illusion of an indoor forest. The rest of the campus includes a colourful climbing wall, branded Google bikes and an entertaining space featuring a restored vintage caravan and artificial grass, bringing an outdoor adventure inside.

Google understands the importance of down time and gives employees the opportunity to unwind with access to old-school gaming rooms, exercise rooms and even a pizza oven that churns out delicious woodfired pizza for lunch. We’ve got workplace envy and think Google has struck the perfect balance in their work environment, providing opportunities for fun and relaxation.

amazon spheres seattle hq green wall

Photo via Built In Seattle

Amazon - Seattle

Amazon’s spectacular Seattle office is what corporate dreams are made of. It’s most awe-inspiring feature is potentially the three giant, four-storey glass spheres that house the indoor jungles, made up of over 40,000 plants from 30 different countries world-wide. The spheres have become somewhat of a tourist attraction and involve some intricate horticultural/architectural know-how. The rest of Amazon’s headquarters are characterised by plenty of common areas that are easily accessible and equipped to support casual work and leisure, simultaneously. Amazon is a huge operation, lending them the ability to create this kind of workplace wonderland, so for company’s more humble than the tech giant, glass jungle spheres might not be a viable option. Artificial greenery is however a perfectly feasible solution for all.

apple park

Photo via Apple Insider

Apple - California

Built in Cupertino, Apple Park is somewhat ultra-futuristic yet nature-orientated all at once. Nicknamed ‘The Spaceship’, the vast ring-shaped building spans 2.8 million square feet and is home to 12,000 employees who proudly power their work day with 100% renewable energy.

The one main thing this incredible Apple Headquarters has in common with the other workplaces included in this enviable list? Lots and lots of greenery. The building is surrounded by trees and grass and even includes an orchard smack-bang in the middle of The Ring. The natural surroundings of the area are showcased through glass walls that run the entire length of the impressive building and employees are treated to the pleasant weather outside with some of the walls doubling as massive sliding doors.


Photo via Office Lovin

Slack - Melbourne

Slack is an innovative communication company delivering a new way for businesses to communicate and organise their day to day tasks more efficiently. The company is very new, however has already seen global success, leading to the development of their Melbourne office in 2017. The workspace was designed with the help of Breathe Architecture and heavily features elements of biophilic design. Natural timbers are prevalent, alongside polished concrete and clever lighting solutions while thick and lush greenery adds some much needed (and extremely effective) vibrancy. Breathe Architecture have so expertly crafted an interesting and inspiring space utilising only natural elements in different formations and textures - a true nod to the beauty of nature.

drop box officePhoto via Office Snapshots

Dropbox - Israel

Dropbox is yet another tech start-up trailblazing the industry and setting standards for motivating and inspirational workspaces. Their newly built Tel Aviv office is a bustling hive of activity with multiple different working environments to facilitate both privacy and collaboration. Visitors and employees are greeted in an elegant yet industrial reception area, featuring a marble desk, patterned timber floors and a vibrant living greenery feature. Unique lighting fixtures add a point of difference and offset the existing interiors. Whilst living green walls are beautiful, they can present issues in maintenance, however the artificial kind are just as charming.

Airtasker-1Photo via Siren Design

Airtasker - Sydney

The Airtasker head office in Sydney is one of Siren Design’s greatest projects to date. The space combines neutral colourings and greenery with airy and open spaces and then utilises punchy, vibrant murals in smaller meeting rooms. Siren Design has ensured that there is plenty of variety to keep employees inspired and intrigued, while utilising more natural elements in chill-out areas to facilitate rest and relaxation so that employees return from breaks rested and ready to go. Yet again, greenery is the common element in this impressive office fit-out.


Photo via Business Insider

Atlassian - Sydney

Another of Siren Design’s most prized projects in their remarkable portfolio is the office space of tech trailblazer, Atlassian.

From the get-go, visitors are greeted with cascading and organically designed greenery, in an intricate installation right next to the reception desk. Surrounding the greenery are timber floors and furnishings with warm lighting fixtures beaming down onto the impressive focal point of the reception area, where visitors can check into meetings via iPads that alert their host that they’ve arrived, in true Atlassian style. The remainder of the office has been designed with function at the forefront, with movable furniture, whiteboards lining the walls and multiple office pods for ultimate privacy. Atlassian are an ultra-modern and efficient workplace, which is perhaps the reasoning behind the multiple, intentional greenery installations situated throughout the workplace. After all, efficiency and quality rely on fresh inspiration.

wotifPhoto via Futurespace

Wotif Group - Sydney

As one of Australia’s largest hotel and travel reservation websites, Wotif needed to provide their employees a perky office space that possessed all the charm that travel often offers us. The workplace, designed by Futurespace, is located in one of Sydney’s stunning heritage listed buildings and is characterised by its beautiful exposed brick and historical architecture. To spice things up, Futurespace included plenty of bold colours to contrast against the brick interiors, including fun and unique wallpaper, bold written quotes and a green wall. They’ve also ensured employees have access to multiple functional spaces, providing privacy and opportunity for collaboration.

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