How to Design a Great Office Space

How to Design a Great Office Space

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

Evergreen Walls indoor wall garden

There are many different factors contributing to the design of a perfect office space. Many times, professional designers and architects have complete freedom and flexibility to design an office space to their liking, without too much client input. This could be good or bad, depending on the circumstances. After reading this guide, any architect or designer will feel comfortable with designing a great office space to satisfy any client.

Consider the Work Environment

The number one thing you should always consider is the work environment. If the company operates through collaboration, you’ll want a more open floor plan without many barriers or distractions. Openness encourages collaboration, but you don’t want to create that environment if the company doesn’t operate that way.

Alternatively, if the business generally is quiet without a lot of collaboration, you could help them out by incorporating noise-reducing objects throughout the office. One of the best objects is an indoor wall garden, since its greenery will absorb noise and create a quieter environment.

Work With The Space Provided, Without Crowding

You may have either a tiny space to work with or a spacious floor to unleash the full brunt of your creativity. Regardless of the size of a space, a vertical garden can fit well with the design. It can hang on the wall easily and not take up any space or crowd any area. It’s also more visually pleasing than some sort of abstract artwork, and definitely doesn’t take up as much space as other bulky décor.

Think About Natural Light

Natural lighting is one thing many professional designers tend to overlook when designing an office space. You want the office to be visually pleasing throughout the entire day, rather than just in the morning or afternoon. The good thing about an indoor wall garden is you can incorporate it anywhere since natural light isn’t needed. However, placing it in an area where natural light hits it will enhance its appearance.

Make It Attractive for Workers and Clients

Professional designers and architects have to find creative ways to ensure an office space is attractive for both workers and clients. Employees need to be comfortable and relaxed in their office on a daily basis, while clients want to also feel comfortable when they visit. The great thing about wall gardens in Australia is they can immediately enhance the design of an office, and artificial gardens are even better since they don’t require tenants to maintain them!

Evergreen Walls is your source for wall gardens in Australia to help you design the perfect office space for your clients. Be sure to contact us for all of our options to see how they can fit in your design.

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