How to Create a Backup Plan for Your Outdoor Wedding

How to Create a Backup Plan for Your Outdoor Wedding

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

Outdoor artificial hedges

Having an outdoor wedding during the summer is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. The weather is great and there is natural greenery everywhere, so who wouldn’t want to be outdoors for one of the most special moments of their life? But sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas and forces you to have a backup plan. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time creating a backup plan, but here are some tips to consider when putting one together.

Have Your Indoor Decor Setup

Designate one or two people to setup the backup venue if it looks like there may be bad weather coming. With the right amount of artificial greenery panels, you can bring nature into just about any venue. Have the decor for your original plan and your backup plan separated, so there’s no confusion on the wedding day. You don’t want to put a faux boxwood hedge out in the main area if it’s only to be used as a backup! But you still need to have these backup items on hand.

Prepare For The Unexpected

Sometimes you don’t know it’s going to rain until the day of the wedding. However, you can plan for it in advance, for the most part. Either tell your guests to bring their umbrellas, or supply them yourself. Have a large tent on stand-by and people ready to set it up if you need to quickly. The artificial greenery panels you bring won’t take long to put up or take down, but be ready to move them if a storm rolls through quickly.

Switch The Order of Events

This part of the plan likely won’t happen until a couple hours before the wedding ceremony begins. If it looks like rain will come right at the time of the vow exchange, consider switching the order of events. Have the cocktail hour before the ceremony instead of afterward, just to buy a little more time to let the rain pass. If you’re using outdoor artificial hedges for your outdoor decor, you shouldn’t have to worry about moving them inside during the rain, unless there are high winds with the storm.

Evergreen Walls is dedicated to creating the best outdoor weddings for brides and grooms. We are here to help wedding planners create a backup plan for any outdoor wedding by ensuring the decor is taken care of. If you need any help with creating your plan or ideas using artificial greenery panels, be sure to contact us.

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