How to Clean Your Artificial Green Wall

How to Clean Your Artificial Green Wall

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

Evergreen Walls artificial greenery panels

The great thing about artificial green walls is they require very little maintenance, but will still look great. However, a little bit of cleaning won’t hurt if you want to keep them in top shape. Dust and debris is always in the air, and can accumulate on your artificial vertical green wall over time. Here are some simple tips for cleaning your artificial green wall.

Practice Regular Dusting

Sometimes it can be a burden to dust your furniture in your home or office. It seems like everything is dusty again just a day or two after you finished cleaning it. However, with the beauty your artificial greenery panels bring you every day, they deserve to be dusted regularly. It doesn’t take much time to wipe the leaves off and keep the shine going. You can use a dusting solution that’s safe for artificial plants or just use a damp cloth to wipe the leaves and keep them looking fresh!

Spray Gently With a Water Bottle and Wipe Dry

A little bit of water won’t hurt your artificial vertical green wall. Just lightly mist the entire panel and wipe them dry with a clean cloth. Microfiber towels tend to pick up dust better than regular washcloths, so it may be a good investment to use one of those. Just be sure to dry your plants thoroughly, since water spots could accumulate on the leaves, depending on the quality of the water you use.

Frequency of Cleaning Your Artificial Green Wall

It would be good practice to clean your artificial greenery panels on a regular basis, but sometimes it’s just not possible when there are other priorities. The good thing about artificial plants is they can usually be cleaned on an as-needed basis. If you notice the leaves starting to look a little dull, it’s time to wipe them off with a damp cloth to restore the shine. Every environment is different, so dust accumulates differently in every home or office. It would help the appearance of your green wall to clean it once each month, but it’s definitely not a requirement.

Having an artificial green wall in Australia has many benefits, and the ease of cleaning is one of them. For more tips on how to easily clean and maintain your artificial green wall, feel free to contact us.

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