10 Compelling Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs A Vertical Garden

10 Compelling Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs A Vertical Garden

Mar 25, 2024Ashleigh Lieberman

2020 has been a whirlwind! We started with a pandemic, and now Kanye is running for the American presidency. One thing we’ve all learned and adapted to is the flexibility to work from home. And while many of us are now back in the office, whether happily or not, there’s one thing for certain; our expectations of a workplace are probably now a lot higher. Working from home meant working in comfort, in tracksuits, on the couch, with the heater blasting and the soothing familiar surroundings of our homes. So, to ease the transition of employees back into the harsher environment of an office, employers must consider making changes so that people actually enjoy returning to the workplace. And what induces a state of calm more than a vertical garden wall? Read our list of the 10 compelling reasons why your workplace needs a vertical garden.

Green Is Calming Because Of Its Direct Correlation With Nature

When in nature, we often feel calmer, refreshed and grounded. Perhaps this is why studies have shown the colour green to have a calming effect on those surrounded by it. Researchers have also suggested this could be simply due to the wavelengths[1] that primary colours respond to, green being the easiest for our eyes to perceive and view. Green sits in the middle on the wavelength chart, with red being at the highest end of the spectrum and blue being the lowest. Put simply, our eyes view green easier than the other primary colours.

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Plants Are The Most Effective Way To Up The Aesthetic Of An Office Space

Forget expensive renovations or lavish artworks, the simple installation of a vertical garden wall has the potential to completely transform a space. And the artificial kind is extremely cost effective, with no ongoing maintenance requirements or the need to replace plants.

Plants and greenery have become a necessity in modern workplaces, so stay ahead of the times with an entire plant wall, visible from almost every desk in the office.

An artificial vertical garden also means you can potentially skimp on the pot plants, anld again reduce the maintenance tasks in your workplace.


Vertical Garden Walls Can Be Effective Acoustic Filters

Another amazing function of a green wall is their ability to drown out external noises! This is always a welcome change in an office environment, where noisy neighbours or high traffic areas can be distracting and interrupt meaningful work. Studies have proven that plant leaves reflect and absorb noise energy, with a noticeable difference in workspaces that utilise green walls. This effect doesn’t stop at external noises. Vertical gardens can help to reduce the echo of employee conversations, ringing telephones and printers. These are all beneficial improvements to any workspace.

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The Colour Green Encourages Balance

According to Angela Wright, a colour expert[2], green is the best shade to encourage balance because it is the easiest on the eyes, requiring no adjustment in order to perceive it. We all know the importance of balance in everything we do as efficiency and satisfaction ride on the requirement of balance, and the colour green reminds employees of this. If your workplace values balance and the health of employees, reinforce this with a vertical garden.


Biophilic Design Has Been Directly Linked To Happier And Healthier People

Biophilic design takes the innate need we feel as humans to be close to nature and incorporates this into interior design, resulting in a multitude of health, wellness and productivity benefits. Coined by American biologist, Edward O Wilson, Biophilic Design is the greatest design trend of the 20th century, combining aesthetics with function and human health. Greenery has the ability to help people feel calmer and more connected to their surroundings, lowering stress levels and making for healthier employees. The concept is so evidence-based and sensical that hospitals are adopting it, ensuring designs include as many of nature’s healing properties as possible. If your office space doesn’t have expansive views of nature, a vertical garden wall could be the next best thing.

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Vertical Gardens Make For Great Photo Backdrops 

One often overlooked benefit of a green wall is the amazing photograph backdrop it can make for product photography. Is your business product-based with an aesthetic appeal to your customers? Then imagery is probably one of your best-selling assets. Use our vertical garden wall as an impressive backdrop that suits every and any colour scheme and empower your team to take their own product images, contributing to socials with beautiful photographs and educational videos. We’ve had customers use our green walls as a backdrop for cakes, as a replacement for a photobooth at events and even for product images in salons. The options are endless.


Greenery Impresses Potential Clients

Is your workplace a client-facing office? Perhaps you often hold meetings with potential customers and company stake holders? Impress them with a beautiful office space that feels welcoming and inviting rather than sterile and overly corporate. People always remember the way a space makes them feel, and this reflects on your company. Enhance the atmosphere of your workplace and leave an impressive, lasting impression on your clients and stakeholders with a vertical garden wall feature in your office space. There’s nothing more memorable then being greeted with lush, vibrant greenery.

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Greenery Softens The Atmosphere

Sometimes office environments can appear overly sterile and corporate, leaving employees and clients feeling unsteady. The most sure-fire way to improve and soften the atmosphere is with enough greenery. Greenery can remove the edge that corporate environments are known for, creating a calmer environment where employees feel empowered to produce authentic work with maximum levels of creativity.

Installing an artificial vertical garden can instantly up the vibe in your workplace and your employees will thank you for it.

Greenery Can Overhaul The Entire Appearance Of An Office 

Few design solutions have the ability to completely overhaul a space without knocking down walls or completely refurnishing. But a vertical garden definitely can. Choosing a large, blank wall to install upon will provide maximum effect and have employees feeling like they’re working in a brand-new space. The cost of a green wall is much more affordable than renovating or making any other substantial changes and so much easier, often only taking a day. If your office needs a revamp, look to a vertical garden wall before investing thousands into a renovation - it might be all that you’re missing.

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Employees feel more valued when provided with a worthy workspace, and in turn produce higher quality work

Employees who are emotionally and mentally invested in the success of a business always provide higher quality work with obvious passion and creativity. And employees will only ever invest themselves in a business when the employer shows personal investment in their people. One effective way of showing employees how much you value their hard work is to provide them with a worthy, happy and healthy workplace. Simply beautifying the space and ensuring areas allow for comfort and functionality are the best starting points. Ergonomic desks and lounging areas for casual meetings are the new standard in office spaces, allowing for maximum comfort. As for the aesthetic appeal, installing a vertical garden could be all that is needed to up the vibes and create a happy atmosphere.


[1] https://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/05/health/colorscope-green-environment-calm/index.html

[2] https://cdispaces.ca/blog/best-office-colors/


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