Oct 16 2021

5 Ways to Use Biophilic Design in Your Apartment

Biophilic design connects our daily lives with the peace and tranquillity of nature. It’s a movement that has caught the interest of designers, architects and interior decorators, and it’s fast becoming an integral part of the way residences and offices are designed 

It sounds great, but it also sounds like something that requires great tracts of land of your own and perhaps an expensive architectural firm, right?

The good news is that anyone can incorporate biophilic design into their existing home, even if you live in a tiny, fifth-floor apartment. In this post, we’ll look at five simple ways you can use biophilic design in your home.


1. Use Natural Shapes and Forms

Many buildings today are designed with straight lines, right angles and severe aesthetics. Nature, however, is all about curved shapes and complex patterns. You can reduce the severity of your apartment’s design by softening up windows with curtains and choosing furniture with curved or rounded edges.

Cushions, rugs and pillow can all help to soften up hard edges. You can also incorporate nature in your decor by including natural elements as table centerpieces, in the materials you choose or in room features like an artificial green wall.


2. Use Colours Found in Nature

What colours do you see when you look out your window? If you use those same colors inside your apartment, it will seems as though there is a seamless continuation between the outdoors and in your indoor environment.

Blues, browns, greens and earth tones are generally used in biophilic design because they bring the same calming feelings inside as they do outside. They’re also easy to decorate with because they complement each other so well.


3. Install a Green Wall

An abundance of plants will help your apartment to feel natural and restful, but most people don’t have many surfaces for a variety of potted plants. An artificial green wall is the answer to this problem.

With an artificial green wall, you can have an abundance of greenery without taking up any of your precious table space. You can choose from among many different lifelike plants or install a wall with a combination of many varieties. An artificial green wall is lightweight and easy to install, and you never have to worry about it leaking on your floor.


4. Open Your Windows

Most of us spend roughly 90% of our time indoors, but natural light and air are essential for our health. They actually help to balance our levels of serotonin and melatonin (hormones responsible for mood and sleep regulation). 

Whenever possible, open your windows and let the breezes flow through your apartment. Make it easy to do this by moving any objects on your window sills and installing curtains that are easy to move aside. Additionally, keep your windows clean so you can still get natural sunlight even when temperatures are too hot or too cold for comfort.


5. Hang Nature-Inspired Art

Even if you live in an urban environment and your windows give you a view of a parking lot, you can still enjoy the benefits of nature by including nature-inspired art in your apartment. 

Back in 1990, a Swedish hospital found that patients recovering from surgery had less anxiety when they looked at pictures of natural landscapes instead of pictures of abstract art. Reduce your own anxiety by hanging nature-inspired artwork on the walls of your apartment.

So get started today. These simple changes can turn your apartment into a peaceful haven where you can relax from the cares of the day. For more information about installing a green wall, or to explore your many green wall design options, get in touch with us at Evergreen Walls.

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