Our artificial vertical gardens and greenery are perfect for public spaces in and around airports due to their commercial grade fire rating, low maintenance and visual appeal. 

We work with fit-out specialists, architects and designers to create customised solutions for any space.

Fiji Airport

Commissioned by leaders in commercial-design to beautify a blank space.

We installed our Premium Autumn in Fiji's International Airport to freshen up the aesthetic appeal and ensure visitors were greeted with lush greenery, symbolic of the natural beauty that Fiji is famous for.

  • Evergreen's customisable solutions fit any indoor or outdoor space.
  • Flexible fit-out schedules ensures smooth workflow without disruption.
  • Commercial-grade internationally fire rated products.

Perth Airport

Green wall installation coming in 2021

Easy to Clean

Clean regularly with a damp cloth or for larger features we offer maintenance call outs to keep your greenery looking brand new.

Zero Maintenance

Once installed, there is no need for additional power for lights, irrigation systems or call out fees to maintenance. 

Multi Site Solutions

We can install greenery nationwide as well as globally. We have trained installation crews in each state as well as the UK & USA.


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