Sample our Evergreen Premium

This is a great way to be sure you will be happy with your order! All of our panels are slightly different with variations in colour and foliage. Only one sample allowed per customer.


Combining a wide range of luscious greens, this dense green wall panel is an ideal way to brighten up any area without having to allow for lighting or irrigation systems. No maintenance is required to enjoy your Evergreen Wall.


Our Evergreen Premium sample box includes a sample size panel attached to a sample wall using our custom designed fixings plus an information brochure to help demonstrate the final product.


Each sample box is perfect for presenting to clients and new projects.


Contact us to order a sample pack


🍃 Fast Delivery
🍃 4 Year Warranty
🍃 UV & Fire Safe
🍃 Recyclable

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Panel Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm
Fire rated:

Australia's only group 2 fire rated green wall panel

Weight: Approx. 1kg
Backing: Galvanised Steel Grid
5+ different types of UV & fire treated plants & ferns
Outdoor: UV Stabilised to prevent fading
Warranty: 4 years
Installation: N/A
Recyclable: Yes, Recyclable plastics
Low maintenance: No watering required
Style: Evergreen Premium

Easy to install snap & lock system.

Download our easy Installation Guide

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