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Western Sydney University Greenery Fitout

Western Sydney University Bankstown CBD Campus

    • Project Location: 74 Rickard Road, Bankstown NSW

      Development: WalkerCorp

      Architect: Lyons

      Builder: BUILT

      Commercial Relationship Director: Richard Woods

      Greenery Fitout Project Director: Nathan Davies

      Greenery Supply and Installation: Evergreen Walls

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      The Western Sydney University Bankstown aimed to create a landmark tertiary education building in the heart of Bankstown City's cultural center. With a budget of $340 million, the project served as a partnership between Walker Corporation, Lyons, BUILT and Evergreen Walls, and its completion aimed to transform the educational landscape of Bankstown. The objective of the project was to create a cutting-edge vertical city campus, accommodating 10,000 students and 1,000 staff, fostering a technologically advanced environment for teaching, learning, and research. The campus aimed to promote work-integrated learning, collaborative research partnerships, and foster connections with local businesses and industries.

    • Sustainability Features
      The campus prioritised sustainability, incorporating several features to reduce its environmental impact. These included rainwater capture and re-use systems, innovative thermal and lighting systems, and solar roof panels. By integrating sustainable practices, the campus aimed to achieve energy efficiency and contribute to a greener future. Richard and Nathan worked hand in hand with the architect to craft a landscape that seamlessly harmonised with the cutting-edge design of the WSU Campus. The installation of Evergreen Walls' artificial greenery not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also yielded significant environmental benefits. By opting for Evergreen Walls plants, the campus achieved remarkable water savings of over 3,000 liters per week and eliminated the need for any fertilisers and maintenance costs. Moreover, the absence of artificial lighting and watering systems resulted in substantial reductions in installation and electricity costs, while ensuring a more sustainable and resource-efficient campus environment.

  • Economic and Social Impact
    Upon completion and full activation, the Western Sydney University Bankstown CBD Campus was projected to deliver approximately $140 million in additional economic uplift to the Canterbury-Bankstown economy and the wider region. The campus's location in the town center aimed to foster connections between students and local businesses, promoting economic growth and supporting the development of an education and health precinct.

    The completion of the Western Sydney University Bankstown Campus represents a significant milestone in transforming the educational landscape of Bankstown. The project successfully achieved its objectives of establishing a cutting-edge vertical city campus that provides a diverse range of teaching, learning, and student services. The campus, accommodating thousands of students and staff members, offers state-of-the-art facilities, promotes work-integrated learning, and fosters collaboration with local businesses and industries.

    The integration of greenery, designed and installed by Evergreen Walls, elevated the campus environment, creating a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere for students, staff, and visitors. The sustainability features incorporated into the design, such as rainwater capture systems and solar panels, demonstrate the commitment to environmental responsibility.

    The completion of the WSU Campus is a testament to the successful collaboration between the development team, architect, builder, Evergreen Walls and other stakeholders. It is set to make a significant economic and social impact, contributing to the growth of the Canterbury-Bankstown economy and embedding the university in the local community.



• Technical designer - Scope of works
• Project Management - Sydney Director
• Installation - Team of five




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