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Vertical garden feature wall at Sydney Carpentry

Project Details

The completed project by Evergreen Walls involved the installation of a Group 2 fire rated green wall on an internal office wall. This project required the fabrication of 15 premium green wall panels in-house, which were then transported to the site for installation. The panels were custom cut and fabricated to fit the dimensions of the office wall.

To ensure the safety of the occupants and comply with regulations, the feature wall was made with materials that meet the Group 2 fire rating requirements. This rating indicates that the materials are resistant to flame propagation and heat release, which is an important safety require for internal installations in commercial buildings.

Once the green wall panels were securely attached to the wall, the installers added a selection of artificial ferns, calatheas, and monsteras to create a lush and vibrant green wall. These plant selections were carefully chosen to provide depth, texture, and botanical interest to the space, adding a natural element to the office environment.

The completed project not only adds an aesthetically pleasing feature to the office space but also provides a range of benefits. Green walls have been shown to reduce noise levels, and boost employee productivity and morale, all the while being maintenance-free. The client was very pleased with the entire process and gave peace of mind for the building occupants, knowing their space complied with safety regulations.


Sydney Carpentry


• Technical designer - Scope of works / Mockups
• Project Management - Sydney Director
• Installation - Team of two




Evergreen Premium, Calathea Bush Green, Boston Fern Ruffle, Monstera Bush, Boston Fern Ruffle, Grass Bush Green




Condell Park, New South Wales

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