Planter Boxes

Create a dramatic ceiling feature for an eye-catching statement piece to welcome your clients and customers whilst improving the look and feel of any interior space.

Planter Boxes

Evergreen Walls offer an all-inclusive greenery package starting from $600. Our packages range from basic greenery, to full-customised large-scale statement pieces. These packages are available both for residential and commercial.

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Nation Projects

Fresh new look for the office kitchen

Evergreen's customisable greenery allowed our team to create an organic look that uplifts employees and allows relaxation during lunch breaks.

  • Huge variety of options for a tailored eye-catching design
  • Beautify your brand with the Evergreen touch
  • Fresh and interchangeable greenery and vines

Daydream Island

Bold greenery brightens up Daydream Resort 

To brighten the atmosphere and bring some much needed vibrancy into the office space, we created a bold ceiling feature using Evergreen vines. A  successfully smooth install was thanks to strategic planning and logistics.

  • Customisable ceiling mesh grid will compliment current office design
  • Plants & greenery proven to improve productivity
  • Very low maintenance required

Beyond Bank

Beyond Bank takes an extremely modern approach to business and finance. Evergreen helped reflect this through their client-facing office environment.

  • soft-touch greenery designed to invigorate staff and clients
  • Stand out against your competitors
  • Easy to install with no maintenance


Easy to Clean

Clean regularly with a damp cloth or for larger features we offer maintenance call outs to keep your greenery looking brand new.

Zero Maintenance

Once installed, there is no need for additional power for lights, irrigation systems or call out fees to maintenance. 

Multi Site Solutions

We can install greenery nationwide as well as globally. We have trained installation crews in each state as well as the UK & USA.


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