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Thank you for choosing Evergreen Walls as your preferred artificial greenery provider. Below is a guide on how to appropriately install our Classic and Best Sellers range of green walls. For the Premium green wall installation guide please contact us. 

If you do not wish to install your greenery yourself, one of our friendly and qualified Australia-wide installers can do all the work for you. Get an installation quote here.


We strongly recommend painting your wall black for the best finish. This isn’t compulsory, but it will improve the finish of your green wall.

STEP 1. Site Survey


Please ensure all precautions are undertaken to guarantee a safe installation.

  1. Loading and unloading of goods – note the proximity to site, restrictions access through the site/neighbouring property
  2. Temporary storage on site - note the space needed to store the green wall panels for easy access when installing
  3. Access to the site - additional equipment needed:

Low-level - Nil

Mid-level - Step Ladder/Platform

High-level - Mobile Scaffolding or Full Scaffolding 

  1. Site surface material - what material will green wall will be fixed to *if fixing to a boundary/party wall, enquire about the terms with your neighbour. If installing in a rental property, enquire with your landlord.*see above for installation options*
  2. Potential services affecting the site i.e. electricity, water, gass, piping (this also includes any signage that will be installed in or around the green wall)

STEP 2. Measure and mark 


Using a spirit level, mark each line for fixing points across the top of the wall.

Start at the top and go left to right or right to left to avoid any gaps and unnecessary offcuts.

Note: all classic and best seller green wall panels are 1m2.

STEP 3. ​Secure​ ​the first​ ​green wall panel​ 


Screw/plug your first panel in each corner using the guideline, ensuring the greenery on the panel is facing upwards. 

STEP 4. Secure the second panel


Plug and screw the Evergreen Fixing, use four per panel. For even foliage, ensure the second panel is between 1cm and 3cm of the first panels fixing hole for seamless greenery coverage. Too close together will bunch the foliage creating a line, too far apart and the wall will be visible.


STEP 5. Secure the remaining panels


Continue this process ensuring you alternate panels to avoid repeating patterns.

*tip - each box of green wall panels have slight variation in greenery placement for a seamless green wall.

Towards the end you may need to cut the panels to fit the wall. All panels are modular meaning each panel is made up of smaller panels for easier modification. If possible, cut along the lines using a sharp pair of scissors.

STEP 6. Unfurl

Ruffle the foliage and add any extra stems as desired. If your green wall is outdoors, consider using cable ties to secure the stems. To view our additional stem options visit here.

We encourage you to take before and after photos. Our team would love to see your handy work and feature your projects online. Feel free to send your pictures to info@evergreenwalls.com.au