Greenery Design And Installation For Easy Signs Using Coastal Deluxe

Greenery Design And Installation For Easy Signs Using Coastal Deluxe

Project Details

Executive Summary

We worked with the team at Easy Signs in their recent office revamp to assist in a full-service greenery installation complete from design specifications to the finished product. We at Evergreen Walls pride ourselves on our complete service offering and love being involved in our clients projects in their entirety. We have many years of greenery design experience and it's always super rewarding to see the project come together smoothly.

In this particular project, we took the time to learn our clients objectives and company culture before specifying a design solution that would really benefit the office and its employees. We recommended our Coastal Deluxe panels to be installed upon two different walls, combined with our standard Coastal panels, providing maximum effect and greening the office as much as possible. To compliment the green walls we also recommended some of our artificial plants paired with our beautiful, neutral coloured stone pots. Our greenery was the perfect addition to the existing timber and grey accents throughout the workplace.



This project was relatively straightforward however there were multiple different elements, including planter boxes and green walls with a combination of different green panel styles. This proved to be no problem at all but did require extra meticulous attention to detail. We try to understand the core values of a company and its workplace culture prior to specifying design details, as it ensures client satisfaction and while this isn't a difficult task it can be time consuming.


How Our Products Helped

We used a combination of green panels in this particular vertical garden to create a super organic looking green wall. We paired this with our artificial plants, both in planter boxes and our beautiful new stone pots. Our greenery helped to highlight the green branding of Easy Signs and add some much needed vibrancy to the corporate atmosphere of the workspace. Greenery is such an effective way to bring comfort into corporate spaces, helping employees to feel more at ease and truly enjoy their workplace. It's also been proven to increase motivation and productivity through numerous scientific studies.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of our greenery fit out in the Easy Signs office was a beautified office space with a fresh new look. Employees should be valued for the hard work they do, and one way to show appreciation is to provide an enjoyable and worthy workplace. Valued employees tend to produce higher quality work and are increasingly invested in the success of the business. Empower your employees to excel in their careers by providing the best possible workplace for your team.


Easy Signs


Coastal Deluxe and Evergreen Coastal




Smeaton Grange, NSW

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