Evergreen Premium In The CSIRO Office

Evergreen Premium In The CSIRO Office

Project Details

Executive Summary

We worked with government agency CSIRO to install lush greenery into their Brisbane office space. We recommended the use of our Evergreen Premium panels as the busy office building required a fire rated decorative solution, especially as a government agency.

As Australia's national research agency, the CSIRO is required to accomodate perhaps the most imperative work to Australia's future in all types of scientific endeavours. For this reason, it is so important that their office and work spaces are modern, inspiring and motivational. 

Our green panels have infinite potential to increase the morale of employees, creating an enjoyable atmosphere to work in. They are an easy, minimal maintenance way of incorporating Biophilia into any workspace.

In this particular fit out, our green panels worked so well among the modern and industrial interiors of the CSIRO office space. They added to the contemporary theme and align perfectly with the forward and futuristic work of the CSIRO.



Being a busy office space in such a pivotal government agency, we were required to carry out works with absolutely minimal interruptions to employees. We also had to organise the logistics of delivering product and our installation team to Brisbane to carry out the works in a strict time frame. Although challenging, we ensured this ran smoothly without any mishaps along the way.


How Our Products Helped

Our green panels helped to craft the space into an extension of the iconic agency itself rather than the somewhat bland space that existed prior to our arrival. Evergreen Premium panels allowed the revitalisation of the office space without the sacrifice of safety as they hold a Group 2 Fire Rating and are the only safe solution of their kind.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of installing Evergreen Premium into the CSIRO Brisbane office was a re-energised space that will nurture the inspiration and motivation employees doing incredibly important work. We thoroughly enjoyed our part in this installation and hope to work with the CSIRO in any future office greenery projects that may arise.




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