Evergreen Premium in Domino's Head Office

Evergreen Premium in Domino's Head Office

Project Details

Executive Summary

Domino's Pizza was looking for a design solution to make over a bland, imposing wall in the entryway to their Brisbane office and a green wall was the perfect fit. We recommended using our Evergreen Premium panels as they are the only fire-rated green panels on the Australian market and in commercial settings a fire-rating is often required. Our green panels were installed under spotlights and made the office even more welcoming to clients and visitors which is an imperative quality for any office space where clients and stakeholders might be present.



This Dominos office is located in Brisbane so presented challenges in the fact we are Sydney based and were required to dispatch our products and then organise the logistics of our installation team to be in Brisbane on site according to the installation plan. Interstate jobs are always more challenging than local jobs however they never present a problem as our project management and installation teams are highly experienced and well-trained. We love a good challenge and always rise to the occasion!


How Our Products Helped

Our Evergreen Premium panels provided the perfect feature wall to delight visitors and inspire employees. Our greenery was able to provide maximum aesthetic appeal with minimal financial investment and zero additional maintenance requirements. There are limited design products available on the market that pair impact with affordability however our greenery does just this! And as employees are already tasked with enabling businesses to thrive, additional maintenance requirements aren't desirable for any workspace.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of our greenery installation was an elevated workspace for the employees of Dominos head office in Brisbane. Evergreen Premium panels were able to provide a heightened look of professionalism and credibility for the office space and in turn, an increasingly motivational place for employees to carry out their day to day work. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and our clients were extremely impressed with the results.



Dominos Head Office


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