Evergreen Moss With Embedded Signage For Finity Consulting

Evergreen Moss With Embedded Signage For Finity Consulting

Project Details

Executive Summary

Finity Consulting are Australia and New Zealand's largest independent actuarial and analytics consulting firm, known for their reliability and professionalism. They were after a design solution with maximum impact and minimal investment, both economically and maintenance-wise. Finity Consulting were drawn to our Evergreen Moss due to its unique charm as a real product with absolutely no additional care requirements. And we can't really blame them - who wouldn't want a reindeer moss handpicked in the forests of Scandinavia decorating their office walls?! 

We provided a complete design solution in this project, organising the signage to be prefabricated within the moss panels for easy installation and minimal disruption on-site. The project ran seamlessly and the finishing result was extremely impressive.


As with all projects requiring multiple elements, organisational needs are increased. Additionally, the installation of signage atop a delicate product like preserved moss runs the risk of going pear-shaped if done by anyone inexperienced however our expert install team ensure this runs smoothly every time!

How Our Products Helped

Our Evergreen Moss allowed our clients to install a feature piece that exudes all the charm of living plants with none of the hefty maintenance requirements. Evergreen Moss is such a unique design product and provides all the greenery an office space needs. Moss isn't as thick and voluminous as our artificial green panels so embedding a logo is always an option.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of Finity Consulting's Moss Wall installation is a beautiful feature wall that will greet all visitors to the company, putting forward a professional first impression, increasing the organisation's credibility and heightening the comfort of their clients when visiting their refreshed workspace. We loved working on this project and our clients were very happy with the results.


Finity Consulting


Evergreen Moss in Forest Green




The Rocks, Sydney

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