Evergreen Moss Wall For CBUS Super

Evergreen Moss Wall For CBUS Super

Project Details

Evergreen Moss is attracting a lot of attention in the current design market due to its unique properties and we had the pleasure of working with CBUS to install our Forest Green Moss as a feature wall in their Brisbane Office. 

With all the allure of a living product and none of the maintenance, Evergreen Moss really is the perfect balance of nature and practicality. The moss is a slow growing reindeer moss from the forests of Scandinavia, which is handpicked and carefully preserved to produce a beautifully unique design product that can be used in any interior fitout. 

CBUS Super were after a green wall that would add vibrancy and life to their workspace, and Evergreen Moss provides this and so much more. Moss can be effective at muffling external and disruptive sounds, improving air quality and removing airborne allergens. All of these benefits while providing an attractive backdrop and adding that all-important element of office greenery to keep employees motivated, calm and happy. 

This was another successful fitout with an extremely happy customer and CBUS have now specifically requested our expertise on fitouts in multiple locations - what an honour!


CBUS Super


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