Evergreen Country at WOTSO Workspace in Canberra

Evergreen Country at WOTSO Workspace in Canberra

Project Details

Executive Summary

WOTSO Workspace in Canberra called upon us at Evergreen Walls to install our Evergreen Country panels upon an old and dated facade in their co-working office space. Prior to our works, the wall made the office look dreary and desperately needed something affordable with maximum effect to transform their space into a modern and innovative office. The purpose and nature of WOTSO Workspaces are to provide an inspiring environment for businesses and sole traders to work both privately and collaboratively whilst providing all office needs and advanced solutions. Therefore, the need for a fresh and motivating office interior is absolutely imperative to their clients professional success!



Wotso Dickson is located in Canberra and so required our installation team to travel down there and complete the works within one day. We worked during office hours so were required to keep mess and noise to an absolute minimum and our installation team were able to do this without any issues at all. 


How Our Products Helped

Our Evergreen Country panels were able to breathe new life into a somewhat stale corporate environment. They allowed WOTSO to decorate their co-working space while staying true to their branding and creating an inspiring and unique point of difference in an office space that is shared by so many creative individuals and businesses. We added extra stems to create a more organic, overgrowing look and the results were beautiful.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The return on investment is priceless in a collaborative co-working space like WOTSO. The need for a motivating workspace is what their entire business model rests upon and so they are expected to provide this. We've worked with WOTSO Workspace numerous times across multiple locations to install our greenery and they love the no-fuss solution our green panels provide at such little cost. We look forward to continuing our valued partnership long into the future.


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