Evergreen Coastal at Charterhall Shopping Centre

Evergreen Coastal at Charterhall Shopping Centre

Project Details

Executive Summary

We worked with Charter Hall to install beautiful, lush greenery into their busy shopping centre and the results were incredibly effective. The brief called for an easy, affordable and low-maintenance solution that would breathe new life into their centre and impress customers and stake holders alike. Our Evergreen Coastal was installed upon a natural stone wall and surrounded by timber accents, complimenting these natural materials perfectly and bringing some biophilia into the centre. The result was a space where shoppers would enjoy spending time indoors, adding calm and ambience to a somewhat busy atmosphere.



The greenery was to be installed between two stores and on top of a door leading to storage for the surrounding stores. The greenery was an effective way to conceal this door however required the careful cutting of our panels to a specific size. Our talented installation team were able to flawlessly install around this door, without it being noticeable at all. Busy shopping centres are always a slight challenge as we try our best to carry out the works with the absolute minimum in abruptions to business. We love a challenge and our team always rises to meet these challenges with efficiency and a positive attitude.


How Our Products Helped

Our Evergreen Coastal worked a treat in freshening up this shopping centre, providing a unique feature piece without breaking the bank or adding to already hefty maintenance requirements. The greenery was installed between a bakery and flower shop and complimented the external facades of these stores perfectly as they both were themed with natural timbers and stone. Our greenery is such an easy and financially accessible way to transform spaces with maximum impact and without the need to do any drastic renovations.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Because of the nature of a shopping centre, any kind of interior freshen up adds instant value to the centre. It creates increased demand in vendors wanting to rent space and also increases the value of these spaces, translating into rental return. We have now worked with Charter Hall on numerous projects and intend on continuing our partnership for years to come.




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