Coastal Autumn Green Panels In Riley's Gym

Coastal Autumn Green Panels In Riley's Gym

Project Details

Executive Summary

We provided our thick and lush Coastal Autumn panels for self-installation at Riley's Gym. We assisted with the recommendation and logistics of the panels and they took care of their own installation. The brief called for a panel that could be cut to specific shapes and sizes, as the greenery was to be installed in a wave-like pattern against white panelling. We recommended our Coastal Autumn panels as they have vibrant pops of purple throughout them and worked perfectly to contrast against the bright whites and natural timbers of the existing interiors.

We are a full-service greenery distributor and can provide all services, from product recommendations, volume specifications, customisations, installation and delivery. This was a project that required only our sales expertise, however we always ensure that we're available to the customer from initial design concept to finish, regardless of whether our installation services are used.

We thoroughly enjoyed assisting Riley's Gym with their greenery purchase and look forward to assisting them in any future projects they might undertake.



This was a fairly straightforward project especially as we didn't undertake the installation ourselves, however we did have to take care of the logistics of our greenery, ensuring the products were on site in Seven Hills prior to the installation date. We are Australia's premier greenery distributors, so are highly experienced in providing our products and services nation-wide and never fail to logistically perform.


How Our Products Helped

Our Coastal Autumn panels are of the highest quality artificial greenery, with thick and realistic plants featuring in a range of colours and textures. Every attention to detail has been paid to ensure our plants are anatomically correct, creating an organic and authentic looking green panel that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Our products helped to create an eye-catching feature wall for Riley's Gym, without adding any maintenance requirements and at a very affordable financial investment. Our greenery has the ability to completely transform any room, and that's exactly what our Coastal Autumn panels did for Riley's Gym.


Results, Return On Investment And Future Plans

The result of the installation of our Coastal Autumn panels was a drastically brightened atmosphere for Riley's Gym, where clients would increasingly enjoy their time spent. Spaces that foster health and wellbeing, such as a gym or beauty salon, are heavily reliant on customer experience and thus need to provide a pleasant atmosphere. Our greenery is a surefire way to add vibrancy to a space, creating an attractive environment and assisting in the success of such businesses. We look forward to working with Riley's Gym on any future greenery projects that might arise.


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