Beyond Bank Olympic Park And Their Greenery Installation

Beyond Bank Olympic Park And Their Greenery Installation

Project Details

Executive Summary

In yet another successful installation project for Beyond Bank, we decked out their brand new Olympic Park location with our beautiful artificial plants, in collaboration with Pinnacle Commercial Interiors.

We used a variety of our artificial plants to create the most organic look possible, utilising plants of different heights, textures, thickness and colours to keep the tambour units looking as natural as possible. The existing interiors of the Beyond Bank location featured fresh whites, timbers and deep purples however lacked the vibrancy of greenery. Our plants were able to add that finishing touch, while creating a more uplifting environment where clients and employees could feel both comfortable and inspired.

Beyond Bank takes an extremely modern approach to business and finance, and we wanted to help them reflect this through their client-facing office environment. Our team thoroughly enjoyed assisting Beyond Bank with yet another beautiful fit-out and we hope to be of assistance again in the near future.



We encountered no major challenges in this project, however we were required to carry out the works in a specific time frame and with absolute minimal disruptions to employees and other contractors. We also organised the delivery of our many items and products at a convenient time for our client, as storage was minimal. This project ran seamlessly and our installation team had it completed in an efficient manner to the highest standards of quality.


How Our Products Helped

Our products helped to brighten the atmosphere of Beyond Bank's new Olympic Park location, adding colour and beautifying the space with elements of nature. Our greenery worked to offset the natural timbers, polished concrete, fresh whites and vibrant purples by contrasting and adding depth with textures. The best part for our commercial clients is the zero maintenance element of our artificial greenery.


Results, Return On Investment And Future Plans

The result of our greenery installation was an uplifting environment for both our client and their employees and customers to enjoy. Client facing environments, especially banks, rely heavily on customer experience for business success and an imperative element of the customers experience is the environment in which it takes place. The installation of greenery is a wise investment, providing price-less benefits in all elements of the business. We loved working with Pinnacle Commercial Interiors on this Beyond Bank project and look forward to working together in the near future.


Beyond Bank and Pinnacle Commercial Interiors


Calathea Plant Green Burgundy

Philodendron Bush

Pothos Bush 

Monstera Bush





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