Jan 03 2018

What Makes a Good Hair Salon Interior Design?

When customers show up at a hair salon, they’re hoping for more than just a good haircut. They also want an hour of relaxation and decompression

Good hair salon owners know this, and that’s why they put thought and care into their interior design. They know that customers’ experiences begin the moment they walk through the door, before they even speak to the receptionist. They’ll immediately begin soaking up the atmosphere (for better or for worse), so make sure you’ve created an atmosphere that is welcoming, relaxing, and friendly. 

Hair salon interior design isn’t just for the customers, though; it’s also for the staff. If you want to attract the best possible staff, create a working environment that is clean, comfortable, work-friendly and beautiful. 

In this post, we’ll talk about elements that contribute to good hair salon interior design.



The layout of your salon will largely be determined by the physical shape of the property. Some shapes are easier to work with than others. For example, if the property is long and narrow, you may have some difficulty creating a traffic flow pattern that works well. Large, open-plan designs are elegant and modern, but they can contribute to noise problems and decorating issues. 

As you map out your floor plan, make sure you allow for sufficient work space. Don’t place styling units closer than 1.2 meters from each other (measured by the centres of the units). Island styling units can be useful for fitting more clients into a small space.



Lighting and Colour

By choosing a colour scheme of two or three colours and using this scheme throughout the salon, you’ll create cohesion and balance. Use these colours for furniture, equipment, walls, frames, fabrics and accessories. Use darker colours for upholstery because stains are inevitable in salons.

Use a variety of lighting to achieve different effects. Hang task lights above each work space, and add wall-mounted sconces or lamps for ambient lighting. If your salon is small, add a mirrored wall to reflect light and trick the eye (your space appears to be doubled).



Plants make a space feel comfortable and fresh, so include some greenery in your hair salon interior design. There are many ways to include plants, but as you consider your options, think about plant maintenance.

Do you or your employees have time to take care of live plants? If not, install high-quality artificial plants that never have to be watered or refreshed. For salons with limited floor and table space, garden walls are the perfect solution. They can be installed on any wall, and they don’t require complicated drip systems or wiring. 

Moss walls are another attractive option. Not only does moss look beautiful and sophisticated, but it’s also flame-proof, lightweight and completely natural. It has the ability to purify the air around it, and it also reduces noise.



The furniture you choose for your hair salon should be practical, durable and stylish. It should conform to the colour scheme and layout you’ve created, and it should lend itself to the atmosphere you’re trying to create. For example, if you want your salon to feel casual and comfortable, consider placing sofas in the waiting area instead of formal chairs.

As you shop around for furniture, ask about delivery and installation costs as well as any other additional fees. Find out about the return policy as well.


Reception Area

Before your clients see your beautiful work stations and product displays, they’ll see your reception area. It’s the first thing they’ll notice when they walk in, so make it impressive. You can do this by using your colour scheme effectively, hiding clutter, displaying your salon’s name or logo prominently and defining separate areas of your salon. A green wall that features your salon’s name or logo is a show-stopping way to welcome clients.

Reach out to us at Evergreen Walls to learn how an artificial green wall can transform your salon interior.

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