Oct 02 2014

Artificial Plants - High Quality Creates Stunning Realism

Whether in a bustling office or tranquil courtyard, there is no doubt that the plants add zest to any area. There is a natural boost to quality of life in the presence of lush greenery, an aesthetic that promotes positivity better than any old framed painting of generic landscapes. The "real thing" is undeniably preferred.

However, many factors and issues crop up when implementing the use of live plants to any public decor. Upkeep, issues with allergies, and pests naturally attracted to plants make it difficult to use the "real thing" to any impressive level without a formidable budget. It's this common strain of thought that inspires delight and surprise upon viewing our specially crafted Evergreen Walls.

Stunning, lush walls leave guests or patrons marveling at the gorgeous work of nature and appreciating the investment in cultivating healthy ambiance. Because we use the best artificial plants, possibilities are endless. One of our clients let their imaginations run wild and transported their casino patrons to a bountiful jungle. With our garden walls, it's easy to create landscapes reminiscent of scenes only seen in fantasy, providing a true escape into worlds of enjoyment.

artificial plant wall Artificial plant wall for apartments.

There is no doubt that the garden walls add a touch of luxury and class without the expensive price tag. Flinders St. Apartments boasts a breathless courtyard with one of our custom garden walls reaching every story of the complex. Without the concern of watering or unsightly dead spots, residents enjoy the gorgeous greenery year-round.

Most artificial plants fool folks at a glance or from afar. Our plants withstand the test of scrutiny beyond the peripheral glances. The difference between our intricately crafted walls and the competition is that we want your customers to take in and delight in the engaging details. We pay careful attention to colors and textures when choosing from the 30+ plants in our stock.

artificial plant wall Artificial plant wall for apartments.

A recent client boldly outfitted an office reception room, putting our craft to the ultimate test. With time to kill in such a confined space, casual glances are virtually non-existent. It is clear that our client's confidence in our artificial garden walls is a true testament to our high quality work.

Evergreen Walls offers limitless possibilities that have earned us 100% positive feedback from our clients. Visit our portfolio page to see gorgeous close ups of our artificial plants and the projects mentioned above. Ready to showcase your creativity and amaze customers? Contact us today!

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