Oct 28 2016

An Artificial Garden Wall... The Beauty Of Reality

Making artificial garden walls a reality

Artificial Garden Walls - Make Them A Reality

If all the beauty in the world were real and living in time, all would wither and fall away. The best in beauty comes from the ones who create something so lifelike that others are in awe of how well kept it always appears to be. Evergreen Walls is your go to company when you desire that internal or external garden wall with life like effect within your organisation. The possibilities within any organisation are endless. Here are a few potential possibilities to quick start your thinking.

Interior Design

Have you ever had that tight space that was missing just the right touch? The reality of life could suggest that an artificial garden wall piece could bring an area together and create an ambiance in a room that would otherwise feel stressed and breaking. The wonderful aspects about the Evergreen Walls are that they are custom designed and fitted to an exact location. Every wall is as unique as the client that we serve.

Landscape Contractors

The versatility of the Evergreen Walls are a sheer benefit to landscaping contractors everywhere. As a contractor, you are put in some situations that are very difficult to satisfy every nook and corner of the design with warm and welcoming arrangements. At Evergreen Walls, we would welcome the opportunity to show you how more than one nook and cranny could be lifted to new heights and levels. Entrances, breezeways, carports and more are fantastic areas that are often nice areas for landscapers to utilise the Evergreen Walls resources. With the no water approach, there is never a need to worry about how far away any outlet is.

Property Developers

You're in the best spot at the greatest time. When you are in this position, you are able to foresee the trouble spots that may have limited space, entrances etc. You are the visionaries. Could you see a floor to ceiling garden wall? It would have an extreme impact on the eyes and memories of those who first enter the doors of the business either as the Grand Opening or even long after as a first time client or such. You can let your garden wall become a landmark for your company. When you come to the Garden Wall, make a left at the red plant. It will relax a client, employee or other individual on their way through the halls each time.

Shop Fitters

While an artificial garden wall can be designed for any commercial company, can you imagine the possibilities available to an outdoor, country living, animal related retail store? The real time and real life possibilities make the Evergreen walls an even more fitting option. When staging an area, the ability to create an area that appears to be happening right here right now is what the client really wants. Create the best with us in mind. We'll hold the wall up for you.

Evergreen walls are in the business to make the unreal seem real. An artificial garden wall is about improving the senses to enjoy our experience in and around our community a bit more each day. With each new garden wall, a little style is added that can benefit everyone who passes through your doors. Take the leap today and figure out the real truth for yourself. No one is setting in roots, we are just talking shop.

If you're interested in learning more about our garden walls or artificial green wall panels, our free 5-day eCourse may be a good idea. Sign up below, and we'll hopefully talk to you soon.

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