Jun 25 2020

The Best Plants To Create A Tropical Theme In Your Home Or Office

The Best Plants To Create A Tropical Theme In Your Home Or Office

Tropical places have the tendency to create a relaxing and happy atmosphere, and that’s rarely a bad thing. Especially if that kind of atmosphere can play to the advantage of an entire home or workspace.

We at Evergreen love a tropical theme so we’ve compiled a list of the most effective plants when creating the tropical home or office space you crave.

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Image Source: Raine & Horne Collaroy Featuring Evergreen Wall's Evergreen Urban

Green Walls

This might seem like a broad one, but not all green walls are created the same. They tend to differ in the type of environment they represent and evoke. There are green walls that call upon rolling country sides, an overgrown rainforest or coastal beach dunes. But if it’s tropical you’re looking for, don’t go past the Urban Tropical panel from Evergreen Walls. With it’s vibrant colour and overgrown feel, you’ll be transported to the Fijian islands in no time! These panels are unique, with countless different species of plants to create an organic look, indistinguishable from a real vertical garden wall.


Image Source: Ali Jacks, @home_and_things

Hanging Plants

Nothing screams “tropical island” more than overgrown vines spilling out from their hanging baskets above. Hanging plants have the ability to create an organic, overhead canopy look, mimicking that of a dense rainforest canopy. If you have the anchorage points, hanging multiple plants, consistently spaced apart or gathered in corners looks extremely effective. Also using a variety of different species can help to keep the look as natural as possible. Tropical species include the Philodendron bush, Boston Fern and Pothos hanging plant. Hang your plants from wicker and cane baskets to maintain the tropical theme and keep additional colours neutral.

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Image Source: Evergreen Walls

Pot Plants

Perhaps the home statement piece of the 21st century, pot plants have the ability to transform a room from bland to beautiful in an instant. It all depends, however on the species of plant you use, and what you house it in. Using towering, vibrant plants like a Curcuma Plant or Fiddle Leaf Fig, gives you bang for your buck and provides maximum impact. They take up more space and make more of a statement in comparison to a plant of more humble stature such as a Rubber Leaf or Peace Lily. That’s not to say that these generally smaller plants don’t have a place in your home. Gathering them in corners or along benches is a beautiful way to bring the tropical vibe into your space in the form of a miniature jungle.


Image Source: Mojo Homes Featuring Evergreen Wall's Classic Boxwood


The tropics are synonymous with palm trees, hammocks and white sandy beaches. You may not be able to bring the beach into your home or office, but you can definitely bring the Palm trees. And before you stop me to remind me that Palm trees need sun, I’ll point out that artificial ones do not. Birds of Paradise are another tropical species that might not be well suited for an indoor area lacking sunlight, but alas, there are also artificial Birds of Paradise plants that look incredibly lifelike. If it’s real plants you’re after, the Corn plant could be your new best friend, needing little more than a small amount of filtered sunlight. Last but not least, the Rubber plant is a great companion to the previous three species mentioned. It’s darker green contrasts beautifully against the vibrant greens of the Palm and Bird of Paradise, adding an element of depth to a room. The large fanning leaves make it the perfect feature plant. House your trees in white ceramic pots or neutral coloured pots, to compliment the tropical look.

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Image Source: Evergreen Walls


Last but not least is Moss. You’re probably wondering how you are possibly meant to bring moss into your home or office, but we’ve got you covered!

Moss is characteristic of the tropics, growing on rocks and trees and thriving in humidity. Our Evergreen Moss, however, has even more exotic origins and grows in the forests of Scandinavia. It’s then handpicked and put through a careful preservation process before being dyed 3 vibrant shades of green. This moss actually grows as a white moss, but we find the green is a perfect addition to any tropical theme, creating a unique feature piece that mesmerises anyone who sees it. Install it as a sprawling green wall into your home or office to completely transform your space. The beauty of the tropics paired with the benefits of greenery are sure to make your home or office both happier and healthier!


There you have it, the most suitable plants to create a tropical theme for your house or workplace.

We’re all guilty of longing for warm holidays by the beach in an exciting new location, but during these strange and unchartered times we’re unsure of when our next holiday might be. Why not ease some of that heartache and create the tropical atmosphere you’ve been dreaming of. You can even make yourself a Pina Colada, put on some acoustic music and pretend you’re in the Maldives.



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