Dec 01 2017

Sydney's 5 Best Restaurant Interiors

People want more than just delicious food and great customer service when they go out to eat. They also want to spend time in a beautiful setting with an uplifting and friendly atmosphere. That’s why restaurant design is so important. Good design sets the stage for customers’ dining experiences and makes them want to come back again and again 

In this post, we’re going to look at five of Sydney’s best restaurant interiors. In most cases, successful cafe interiors depend on attention to detail: seating arrangements, traffic flow, decor, lighting and more. You can get great decor ideas from each one.



Muum Maam

1/50 Holt Street
Surry Hills

This Thai restaurant has a distinctive interior that suits its cuisine and provides a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. With its wooden benches and besser block walls, Muum Maam has a rustic appeal, and its colours and art are vibrant and exciting. 

Customers can see into the kitchen, which runs down one wall of the dining room, and naked light bulbs swing overhead. The cafe also has a large communal table that can seat up to 24 people for large groups or banquets. Incorporate some of Muum Maam’s design ideas such as large, brightly coloured murals and rustic, wooden furniture.



So. 9

18 Danks Street

Waterloo’s So 9 is a strong contender for the most aesthetic Vietnamese dining experience in the country. Named after a lucky number in Vietnamese culture, So 9 captures a light and inspiring tone in their interior design. 

Light timbers, hanging lanterns, colourful ceramics and flashes of greenery create a beautiful airy interior, which matches the delicate menu items.



Loaded by BL

170 Missenden Road

The concept at Loaded by BL is fun: you start with a base (a hamburger, mac & cheese, corn chips, sweet potato fries, etc.) and then you load your base with all kinds of delectable toppings such as avocado, pulled pork, kimchi, salsa, sauces and toppings. The food is beautiful and deserving of all the focus, and maybe that’s why the interior design is minimalist.

With clean lines, airy lighting and a very simple colour scheme, the interior design at Loaded by BL allows the food and conversation to take centre stage. You can copy this design by keeping your colour scheme as simple as possible and avoiding complicated lines and traffic patterns. Another interesting element is white walls with a darker ceiling. The dark ceiling provides ample contrast for the modern lighting installed overhead.



Coogee Pavilion

169 Dolphin Street

Another of Merivale’s masterstrokes, the interior at Coogee Pavilion reflects current trends in several important ways. First, the ceiling has been raised to expose the pipes and electrical wiring. This gives the cafe an industrial feel while at the same time making it feel lighter and brighter. 

A variety of interesting flooring options have been used including bright, white tile, rustic hardwood floors and even concrete. The mix of materials along with the uniting elements like uniform lighting and furniture produce a comfortable, appealing atmosphere.



Kazbah Balmain

379 Darling Street

There’s no mistaking the fact that Kazbah’s cuisine is Middle Eastern. From the moment you walk in, the decor and atmosphere are striking. The comfy chairs, ornate chandeliers and light fixtures, mosaics and mirrors all add to the ambience.

Tapping into a long-standing decorative tradition can help you to create a comfortable, unique atmosphere in your cafe. If your cafe serves dishes from another part of the world, you can use your decor to help your customers feel like they’re enjoying a getaway, not just an hour or so at a local establishment. 

For help with your own restaurant interior, get in touch with us at Evergreen Walls. We can help you to design a green wall that perfectly suits your decor. We look forward to talking with you!

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