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May 10 2022

Square foot gardening - A guide for artificial plants

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The quality, quantity, positioning, and product choice make a huge impact on the overall look of your space.

"Square foot gardening" is the term used by gardeners to appropriately layout their plants for growth. The basic concept is to divide your planter bed into rows that are sub-divided into square feet and use each section as a guide for planting.

Although artificial plants never grow (or die for that matter), there is a similar approach to achieving the perfect arrangement of plants suited for your space.


Firstly you need to measure your space including height, width, and depth then determine the desired density of your greenery you're aiming to achieve. This thought process should also be considered in your budget.

The width of the planter is very important, as the artificial plant world uses 'Plants per linear metre'. Standard widths of planter boxes range from 30cm - 90cm.



Consider the space you are fitting-out. Do you have a long blank wall you are trying to soften? Is the greenery to section off your external space? What furniture do you use and what style are you going for? Visualising your end goal will create harmony and order with your finished design.

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Sometimes less really is more

As a rule of thumb, an average of 6 - 12 plants per linear metre is recommended for planters up to 50cm wide, although this depends on your desired density and the size of your plants.

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Grilled Balgowlah IMG_5013

Quality over quantity

When adding artificial plants into planters, it's important to consider your environment. Choosing UV safe plants will increase longevity 10-fold and ensure you won't ever need to replace your greenery.

The difference in UV safe and non UV safe plants will be noticeable within a matter of weeks. Read more here.

grilld dee why before and after-1

If you can, go up

Never limit yourself to horizontal planter options. Small and narrow spaces with high ceilings benefit from having vertical greenery, as it draws the eyes up to focus on the overhead space, instead of noticing the smaller horizontal space of the room. Using galvanised steel mesh grids fixed to walls allows an endless platform for creativity. Using a blank canvas such as mesh grids, allows you to choose the type, style, density and the overall look by using an arrangement of vines and bushes Read more about Steel Mesh Grids here.

NAB More than money


Value Engineering

If you're on a budget, sparce greenery is an option. In some cases, a small amount of greenery in your space may be appropriate. This can be due to the budget or practicality. For example, this planter box only uses 3 Mother in Laws Tongue per linear meter as it allows ease-of-use for the storage cupboard below. Using less greenery in this case also allows individuals to see through the greenery and doesn't block the view for other staff.

NAB - Coffs 3Simplicity where it counts

Sometimes smaller is better. For this installation, we used a range of smaller Grass Bushes and Baby Tears in pots to create a dynamic outlook without disrupting the view of the city. This layout is also budget-friendly as each plant only costs $12.

Evergreen Office Fit out Greenery Window

www.evergreenwalls.com.auhubfsoffice clarence st-min

Evergreen Walls Office Fit out Greenery Planter

Hang it

Hanging Greenery is a great option if you want to immerse yourself in greenery. Use a variation of Hanging Baskets, Wicker Baskets, Vines and Bushes to create a dynamic masterpiece.

el jannah 1644572645708

Crinitis Darling Harbour
Frame it

Use panels and wood to create a framed feature wall for a budget-friendly alternative to a complete green wall. IMG_1489

Think outside the box

Get creative with shapes. Whether its for planter boxes, mesh grids, tension wire cables, or green walls, it's helpful to have an open mind when it comes to shapes and textures. Our Classic and Best Sellers green wall range can be cut to any shape using a sharp pair of scissors, additionally, there are a wide range of bushes and hanging greenery that can be inserted into our green wall panels. 

Evergreen Walls Country Next Practice

Plant Pairing

For larger plants, it's important to bundle small and large plants together to create a dynamic and interesting planter box scheme. Be sure to test which plants go best together. The Monstera Plant pairs perfectly with the Traveller Palm and the Areca Palm.

planter trough

Light and shade

Use a range of tones to create an engaging arrangement. For indoor bushes, there is a range of unique plants that will create depth, like the Burgundy Calathea, Wandering Jew and Hosta Bush. Couple planter boxes with singular pot planters to create light and shade within your space.

Hotel greenery fitout planter boxes (1)

Dunkirk HotelAbove all, don't be afraid to experiment with plant arrangement, colours, textures and greenery densities. Be sure to visualise your end goal by having a design concept, and an installation plan. Sometimes completing an entire fit out can be overwhelming, so you can always leave it up to the experts, or come into our showroom and talk to us about your project.

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